Things to look for while hiring a staffing agency

A majority of the companies use a recruitment agency to fulfill staffing requirements. You might have already thought of using one. However, the big problem is with so many staffing agencies in Los Angeles, how do you choose a staffing agency that suits your requirements?

Almost every staffing agency fulfills the basic function and you will find almost all alike. Here are some tips that will help you evaluate staffing agencies and choose the right one for your organization.

Have a Good Reputation

Before you select any staffing agency, pay attention to its reputation.  Almost every staffing agency will claim to be the best which is not always true. To connect with the right candidates, you need to hire a staffing agency that has been recruiting staff for many years and have established a good rapport with top employers in your industry.

Working with an established agency has its own advantages. The recruitment consultant will take the time to find the best candidates for your company and won’t be under pressure to select candidates and complete the task to keep their business afloat.

Have Extended Reach

The reach of the staffing agency matters, especially if you have already tapped the local market for potential candidates and have ended up dry.  The best staffing agencies from Los Angeles will have access to talent pools that your internal recruiter might not have. This includes professionals who are employed elsewhere and have not seen your job advertisement, but are open to new opportunities.

Should Offer Higher Value

You might have a fixed budget for staffing requirements, but that does not mean you should settle for a recruitment consultant offering the lowest quote. The cost of hiring a wrong person can be huge and it will cost your organization thousands of dollars.

If you use a recruitment consultant they can ease a lot of hassle. When you work with them, you will have a staffing specialist who would use their expertise to shortlist best candidates for each job position. This ensures the money you spend on new hires gives you higher returns by reducing the chances of bad hires.

Follow an In-Depth Screening Process

If the staffing agency hands over 20 resumes and you are required to take a final call then you will be spending a considerable amount of time in the screening process. This will take away the benefits of hiring a staffing agency.  A good screening agency will introduce only a few potential candidates who are a perfect fit.

Should Be Qualified and Registered

It is necessary the staffing agency that you select has the proper license to operate.  The agency should be registered with the Department of Labor. The staffing agency should also be able to exhibit an understanding of ethical standards and current employment laws.

Offer After-Sales Service

The task of recruitment agency does not end with onboarding of new recruits. A good staffing agency would regularly check over the new hires for next 5-6 months and sort out any problems faced by the client and employees. This helps in increasing the retention rate.

No matter what your business is, you can only achieve success when you hire the right people.  Staffing agencies from Los Angeles can provide you optimum workforce solution giving you access to talented people when you need them and in lesser time.


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