Things to keep in mind while delivering Spanish Call Centre services

If your global business is also set up in Spain, you need to strategize your Spanish call center services as per peculiarities, as well as subtleties, of your clients. This is because the Spanish-speaking customers must be able to relate with the call center representative to interact with them freely without any language barrier.

Given below are some essential things to keep in mind when providing Spanish call center services:

Focus on Spanish, not English

While English is an international language spoken worldwide, some Spanish customers who are proficient in their regional language may find it difficult to interact with a call agent who only speaks English. That’s why a professional multilingual call center is important for your business, as it forms a bridge between your business and customers, as well as other stakeholders.


A multilingual call center can very well handle the language barriers and cultural communication problems between your business and the foreign customer or stakeholder. So, there is no need to worry about missing out any huge business opportunity and your wide customer network.   


Be Engaging and Professional, Not Personal

Spanish people are known to be quite disciplined and professional. However, they are not native to the English language. So, it is important for a call center agent to keep their personal and professional life separate while interacting with them. While it is a good thing to be engaging to make customers feel comfortable but don’t get too personal with them. A call representative is trained to make professional conversations, without getting too personal or revealing too many details about their personal life.


When interacting with a customer or anyone in general, it is a strict “no-no” to bring any religious or money matters into the topic of discussion. Unless the caller himself/herself brings up such topics, it is advised not to make any comments on their regional art, food, music, culture, or politics.


Make Use of Right Titles and Pleasantries

A call center agent must understand that every call is an opportunity to reinforce its brand to the customers. But it is important to address the customers with the right regional title. For instance, when interacting with a Spanish customer, use “señor” or “señora” to address “sir” or “madam.” Likewise, if you want to make any remarks, it must be in a pleasantries manner without offending the customer, especially when you are addressing their local food, art, culture, religion, or music.


Clarity of thought

When interacting with Spanish customers, you must have clarity of thought. This is because one bad remark or statement from your end will make you lose your customer and every customer is important for a successful business. So, enhance your debating skills with logical reasoning to make the customer satisfied with your spirited conversation.


Don’t be in a Hurry

Spanish people are known to be professional but they don’t make any decision in a hurry. So, to approach them the right way, you need to be very patient when making a business deal. You need to impress them with your intellect and convince them why your business services or products are best for them to invest.



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