Things to include in cover letters for better visibility

In the present times when the internet has been used as a mass medium for recruitment and selection, contacting coaches via social platforms has been increasing. Every other college is now using internet as one way or other in the recruitment process of the athletes.

Cover letters are very important as they are the first introduction of the candidate. A well crafted cover letter can go a long way in attracting the right eye balls and make the everlasting impression on the coach which will eventually work in favor of the candidate in the overall process. Here are few tips to create an impressive and quality cover letter:


Cover the big Three

#Who you are # What are your athletic achievements # Where do yous stand academically

Coaches need to know your name and grad year immediately so they know whether or not they can respond to your email right away. Follow that information with a quick introduction of your measurables (height, weight & position) along with your academic information. List your GPA and if you have taken then SAT or ACT include that information as well. You will want to also include your single best athletic honor and academic honor. Don’t list any more than one each, save that for your resume.

Be concise

One of the major things to be kept in mind is that the coaches are short of time. They have to watch hundreds of applications and cover letters. . If you send them a full page cover letter talking about your entire athletic, academic and community accomplishments they won’t read it or look at anything else you send them. The entire cover letter should be two to three paragraphs and no more than half a page.

Avoid grammatical errors

if you think you would do along with petty grammatical mistakes, you are making a threatening mistake. Coaches make quick opinions about athletes based on your writing, poor spelling shows laziness and a lack of attention detail. Don’t think that because you used spell check on the computer it is correct. Take your cover letter and resume to your English teacher and have them quickly look it over.

Add personal touch

If you want your letter to be stand out and to be taken seriously by the coaches, you need to do what others might miss upon. Add a personal touch to your cover letter. Coaches aren’t responding to a generic letter unless you are an amazing athlete. If you take the time to write a personalized message to coaches they will take time to respond to you. If you personalize the message instead of just changing the name of the universities and adding some details particular to the course or program, you are one step closer to the others making claim.



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