Things to Consider When Choosing Wedding Flowers


Can you imagine a wedding without flowers? Of course, you may not think it, but you must understand that flowers play a significant role in a wedding. Your reception, venue, and wedding album would not look good without fresh blooms. But, unless you are a florist or a professional gardener, wedding flowers will be an unexplored area.

You may have bought flowers to adorn your home or to give to a friend who is celebrating his birthday, but choosing the perfect wedding blooms is not about just picking the prettiest one. Yes, there are several things to consider, and here a few of them suggested by the best online florist in North St Paul.

Things to remember when choosing wedding blooms

As a bride, you may have a vision of the perfect bouquet. But, before you jump in and order flowers, you need to consider the following factors. If you have no idea where to begin when it comes to wedding flowers, these things are for you as well!

Consider the theme of your wedding

Dreaming of a rustic wedding? Planning at the vineyards? Whatever, ensure the wedding flowers you choose coordinate with the venue and the rest of the decorating theme of your wedding. If you are not sure, ask the North St Paul florist, and they will give you examples of beautiful arrangements that will not only add to your theme seamlessly, but also that exceed your vision. Just imagine how your venue is going to look like as a whole with the flowers you choose. This will help you pick the right one.

The budget

It is one of the most significant factors you need to consider when it comes to wedding flowers. If you set the budget, it will help you to narrow down your options. Couples usually spend about 3% of their wedding funds on their wedding flowers. So, be mindful when choosing your blooms.

Choose seasonal flowers

It is best to choose seasonal blooms as they are budget–friendly. There are certain blooms that are not only expensive but also hard to find at different times of the year. If it has to be shipped from another place, you have to pay for that as well. So, one of the first questions you need to ask the florist is which blooms are in season?


While some flowers have a strong aroma, others are mild. Some of your guests may be sensitive to certain smells. It is better to go with mild-scented flowers. Check with the florist North St Paul if you wanted to have flowers that are not strongly scented.

How you feel about the floral arrangement is what matters most. Don’t listen to what your mom says or your friend says. Get help from the florist and choose something you absolutely love and wish to have on your big day.

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