Things Should Know About Polyurethane Bushings

Do you know that bushings are the most important components in all the electrical networks? It is because its main role is to bring current at the high voltage via the grounded barrier. It is actually a mechanical device accessed to reduce vibrations. It offers an interface between two parts, which damp the energy transmitted via the bushing.

The common application of the bushing is in the vehicle suspension systems where the bushing made of the polyurethane, synthetic rubber, or others and separated the faces of the two metal objects letting a specific amount of movement. In this blog, we explain to you clearly about polyurethane bushings completely because they are the most commonly used bushings.

What is polyurethane?

The polyurethane is the term accessed to describe a huge range of Elastoplast i.e. actually any compound shows the characteristics of the natural rubber such as elastic and stretchy. Poly means many and then urethane means the classification of chemical structure. Polyurethane is called urethane in the short, which accessed as the solid cast material.

polyurethane bushings

Know about polyurethane bushings

Urethane bushings are actually a specialized rubberized part accessed primarily in hundreds of different application. Each bushing can be customized for every client application. Industries, which use this bushing, are extremely numerous and some of them are transportation, automotive, healthcare, and manufacturing. People high use this bushing because polyurethane is superior to all other materials such as rubber, steel, and plastic.

In addition, it has high load and high compression abilities, which function even long after plastic and rubber bushings failed. The client can customize this bushing completely according to function. Apart from the long run, it is extremely durable and resistant to harsh environments of abrasion, chemicals, and heat.  Some examples of this bushing are railroad car suspensions, control arm bushing, artificial limbs, and prosthetic.

Important features of polyurethane bushings

Take a glance at the key features of the custom molding polyurethane, which make it special and unique than other bushings.

  • High Loads
  • Long run durability
  • Special formulation and colors
  • Low tooling costs
  • High compression
  • Inexpensive
  • Offer cushion to protect other components
  • Excellent customization options
  • High level of stability



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