These things you should know about 2017 Halloween promotion


According to the US National Federation predicted that in 2017, the United States will have about 179 million people to participate in Halloween-related activities, holiday spending will reach a record $ 9.1 billion, an increase of 8.3% over last year; per capita expenditure of $ 86.1, of which male average Consumption of about 96 US dollars, women per capita consumption of about 77 US dollars.


Where does Halloween spend money?

2017 Halloween, the US consumer participation of the three highest festivals is: Trick or treat (70.6%), Halloween decoration (49.2%), Halloween make-up (48.2%). 18-24 year olds are more inclined to Halloween make-up and party activities. In the overall consumption, consumers will spend $ 3.4 billion on clothing, 37.36% of total consumption, $ 2.7 billion for candy, $ 2.7 billion for decoration, and $ 400 million for greeting cards.


Where to Halloween shopping?

Traditional discount stores (47.1%), Halloween shops (37.5%), small business super market (25.4%), hypermarkets (24.4%), and Internet channels (22.3%) became the top five Halloween shopping channels.


In addition, this year also popular new Halloween costumes, such as unicorn dress. As the “clown back to the soul” box office record, clown dress is also very popular. The classic Halloween thriller theme is still in rank, including Steampunk, Gothic and Horror classes. Pets have also been enjoy Halloween, popular pet dress includes “Star Wars”, dragon and dinosaurs.


Which product will be the hottest Halloween icon?

Gothic dress is very sexy, and it is suitable for Halloween dress. It is also a corset, which many people ignore it. But some people are not satisfied with the product, because wearing uncomfortable. Witch dress with a sharp hat, a star pattern, suitable for those who do not want children dressed too horrifying parents.


By the influence of Hollywood superhero movies, pop culture, and the US drama, the superhero theme will continue to be the head of this year’s clothing, where the Batman series is popular in all ages. Pets will also be dressed up, one of the most popular pet image is pumpkin.


Based on September 3 – September 22 sales data, Cell Phone Age com released the Halloween costumes hot search, hot products and theme list. Chris Cui of Cell Phone Age com said comic books and classic horror themes related products continue to be hot search, and popular culture in the new roles and trends are still popular.


“This year’s Halloween, Cell Phone Age is a one-stop shopping platform that helps consumers finds the best Halloween goods,” said Chris Cui, manager of Cell Phone Age’s regional purchasing. “By combining options with unique data analysis, we can understand consumers directly what kind of product you want, and give inspiration for their Halloween fashion.”


What is the new trend of this year?

In Halloween season, optimization of the label is to achieve the important measures of the season. According to Cell Phone Age com statistics, as of October 18, Halloween-based popular label this year, the top three are: Halloween, Halloween Costume and Halloween Decorations, with the United States the highest degree of participation in the three festivals match.


Among 2017 Halloween related to the top ten popular tags added the two new tags: Décorations Halloween and Decoración Halloween, respectively, French, Spanish. Cross-border online shopping practitioners need to focus on non-English market development and promotion, as soon as possible into such markets, take the initiative. Two new tags were achieved 0.74% and 0.21% of the explosion rate, the performance is impressive.


Last year, consumers like the comic character of this year are still hot search Halloween product list, Batman and Deadpool is still maintained at Top 10. And because the film “Spider-Man: hero return” release, Spider-Man related products are also very popular. Wonder Woman is also popular among consumers and pets.


Be sure to avoid the following

In Halloween season, shoppers when using the official logistics channel must be avoided when the following non-compliance operation, to avoid affecting the normal transport parcels, missed the season to sell!


1, package receipt print is not standardized.

The main existence of mail bar code print accuracy is too low, the surface is too small, the recipient name is not complete and so on. When the operator found the mail bar code scanning difficult, the surface is less than 10cm * 10cm mail, the package will be returned to the business, will eventually affect the overall order of the delivery time, and please the corresponding non-compliant business as soon as possible to adjust.


2, packaging is not standardized.

Ultra-small mail must be packaged after packaging The maximum area of the message is not less than 10cm * 10cm, the use of glass plastic cover is strictly prohibited single bar code part, for cylindrical, spherical, thin strip and other special-shaped mail, please use rectangular crust packaging.


3, avoid to the embargo products.

Do not use the official logistics products distribution powder products, toothpicks crossbow and other weapons products. The arrival of the ban on the delivery of goods, resulting in aviation security ticket detained, affecting 67 postal packages, 900KG, about 9000 + mail business package transport, please businesses know the seriousness of such incidents.


In Europe and the United States, Halloween has developed into a family activity. In addition, as more people in the social network shares make-up, the effect of props, adults for Halloween attention is getting higher and higher. Now Cell Phone Age com launched the holiday offers landing page of 2017 Halloween mobile phone accessories promotions to bring ultimate happiness to buyers all around.



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