The True Advantages of Online Recruitment Media

The leading aims of any recruiter are going to attract great candidates, put them in jobs that they will be content with, and then to find suitable candidates to fill clients’ vacancies. How can online recruitment marketing help achieve these goals? It is vital to achieve this since it lets recruiters be findable, memorable and simple to use.

Another layer within this is online recruitment marketing doesn’t just attract active candidates (those people who are job seeking and have chosen to advance on), it also attracts passive candidates. Passive candidates are those who find themselves not actively job seeking, but it’s good to get them in order that when they do choose to move on, you’re at the forefront of their mind. It is essentially building a brand that’s unforgettable.

By thinking about a couple of types of online recruitment marketing, we’re able to determine what benefits they bring. No recruiter would deny that your website is essential. Good recruitment website design can incorporate a strong brand, clear calls to action, great content which might engage the active and passive candidates, and job application functionality for instance CV upload and job listings. This makes the recruiter memorable and simple to use, in that it shows vacancies, provides contact details and ways to apply for a job.

But how about being findable? A Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) strategy is important here, both in relation to optimising the website and working to boost your rankings in the search engine. This is for search terms which are highly relevant to your sector, such as “digital marketing jobs” or “IT jobs Birmingham”. Ideally you’d be visible on the first page of a Google search – it’s better still if you’re in the top five.

SEO is probably going to draw in jobseekers, but putting out good content is critical for becoming a presence inside your marketplace and being visible to passive jobseekers. But what is this “good content”? It’s thought leadership articles, outcomes of surveys or research, press releases and company news along the lines of blog articles, articles, news pieces, tweets and video clips.

This brings in another major factor of marketing – social media recruitment. Using Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and a regularly updated blog are fantastic ways to disseminate information that will keep people interested and gently reminded of who you are and what you do. Twitter, Face book and Linked In especially are fantastic as these are forums people regularly use for a variety of purposes. With roughly 640 million, 200 million and 100 million users respectively they have significant reach.

Using online marketing channels is really important for recruiters, as it works towards achieving their core business aims. It gives them brand presence and an opportunity to engage in industry debates. It attracts candidates and clients, and makes it simple for them to get in touch or apply for jobs.

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