The Stages of Spiritual Awakening


Spirituality is not one sided. There are several things that come with it. You could find that there are signs and shifting elements in your life that spark a true journey into the unreal. If you are looking for spiritual elements, and are not sure if you’re truly amidst a change, then consider some of the many spiritual awakening stages that may come over you. While there are several things that can change your view, these are just some of the stages that you may find yourself in when considering the esoteric for your life.

The Catalyst of Change

There is usually a shift in your life that sparks a new beginning. There are several things that can do this, and in most people’s life it’s a near death experience that triggers it. Whether it’s chaos that comes to you, or it’s a seriously life threatening situation, you’ll find that this phase introduces you to a whole new way to look at life in general. It’s like a trigger to new things, and it shakes your being.

Shift In Perceiving Life In General

The next thing that you could find yourself in is considered a shift in perception. This is where you find that your life is not what it seems. Whether it’s unhappiness with your job, or it’s your new found desire to move onto something else, it’s a depression that will not go away. Even though you should be happy, you are not, and things are not going well in terms of your personal wellbeing.


The Journey To New Things

Perhaps you are on a journey, and you discover something new. You notice that your daily life has a little spec of joy, so you pursue. The journey of discovery is one of the many spiritual awakening stages that you may find yourself wrapped up in. This could even include hiring a life coach, or seeing a spiritual leader to help you make sense of your purpose and new found glories that are waiting for you beyond the next moments.

Developing Gifts

Amidst the stages that you may find yourself in, consider the gifts that you may run into. You will cultivate and change the gifts that you are discovering and become more intuitive in regards to art, photography, and healing yourself from within. This comes with a new awakening that you can sense happening.

These are just some of the phases that you will go through as you start to notice the spiritual awakening stages most commonly manifesting in the lives of others. You will see this and more as you become more mindful of your surroundings.



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