The second stage will occur Dofus Kamas

The second stage will occur Dofus Kamas after your comments on the roles has been examined. We’ll share those results with you and inform you if your comments is consistent with ours. That’s all we’ll say about that for today — although at this point, we’ll ask you to discuss the different paths of every class. The third phase, after analysis of the former survey, will be to judge its coherency. Weconsult you and’ll discuss the results of the survey. This time, going to spell level. Observing this consultation, we compare charms, elemental paths, and roles. The results will be shared by us and the spell worth will be refined by the game designers for a few days. You will have plenty of time for debate, and the team will continue to talk up on occasion, although you will want to be a little patient.

The changes will be made from the BETA servers. Before the changes are integrated into the game, we are going to monitor your comments. It’s essential for us that you can examine the changes. We’ll give you enough time to check the changes. We’ll require feedback on the spells on a scale that is bigger; we will integrate the modifications on the servers and we’ll ask you to take the survey on roles for a time. This is going to be a massive help to us in judging the relevance. We hope that you are as inspired as we are for this project! It’s a huge amount of work, as you know, but we are handling it since the goal is above all to boost your gaming experience much more. We sincerely need this cooperation with all of you to be a victory.

We have already mentioned the arrival of a new narrative arc in the Krosmoz. It’s time to inform you about it!

We try to create a narrative thread every year. We see each new motif as a new stone in the edifice of the epic odyssey which you are a part of.We must admit that, though some themes were apparent successes, others were more complicated to set up — chiefly because of the deadlines we set for ourselves, the upgrades (especially the year-end updates) which can at times leave us running on empty and dry up our creative juices for a month or two, etc.The reason we are checking in with you today, in particular, is to explain that we are going to change, exceptionally, our manner of Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro doing things. We declared that we want to evolve by listening to you 17, how we communicate with you. For that to work properly, we will need to ease up some of the pressure on the themes.



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