The Right Fireplace Tools and Accessories Will Enhance Enjoyment

The right fireplace tools and Fire Accessories will be an invaluable addition for your home fireplace enjoyment. There is nothing quite like building a beautiful fire in the fireplace and enjoying hours of its beauty while carefully tending to the fire to maintain its brilliance as the evening progresses. The right tools for the job enhance this level of enjoyment, as having the right tools will help you keep a brilliant fire burning brilliantly. A favorite pastime of many is tending to an open fire; nothing is quite as relaxing and enjoyable!

Standard fireplace tools and accessories typically include the following tools: a metal rack for placing the wood, a poker, a small fireplace broom, a small fireplace shovel for the removal of ashes, and a stand to hold these three items. More deluxe versions may also include the addition of fireplace tongs and/or a bellows to complete the deluxe set. The use of the broom and the shovel are for after the fire has burnt out and it is time to remove the remaining un-burnt wood and ashes. In the standard set, the poker is most actively used to adjust the pieces of wood that are burning to roll or turn un-burnt sections of the wood into the active area of the fire to make sure that the burning process continues. Most fireplace pokers have a pointed section with a small hook on one side so the wood can be pushed, pulled, and rolled to reposition the logs in the fire.

Tending to a fire with the standard fireplace tool set can be a bit of a challenge at times depending on the size of the wood that one is burning, so another fireplace accessory that is quite popular is a set of fireplace tongs. The tongs are often designed with a cavity in the middle to allow for grabbing the entire log and then being able to pick it up while still burning to roll and relocate the log back into the fire. It is usually much easier to roll a log with the use of tongs that it is with the poker.

Another nice fireplace accessory is the addition of a bellows that is often used when starting the fire or at times when the fire has died down and needs additional oxygen to resume burning brightly. A set of fireplace tools and accessories that includes a bellows is a very nice addition that will keep you from having to huff and puff to spread the fire once started, or to re-invigorate the fire if left unattended for a while.

Hours and hours of enjoyment watching and tending to a fire in your fireplace are easily within your reach if one purchases a good standard set, or a deluxe set of fireplace tools and accessories. It is often said that one should always use the right tool for the job, and the right fireplace accessories are no exception to this rule. Consider the purchase of these tools and accessories and boost your level of enjoyment in building and tending to your next fire in the fireplace.



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