The Maximum Yield Mining Hammer Crusher

Mine are jaw crusher crusher, impact crusher , Granite Crusher For Sale , impact crusher , like jaw crusher , impact crusher when production can reach 500 tons had been regarded as a greater yield , then what kind of crushing machine when production can reach 1000 tons of it to achieve such a high yield reasonable its interior design? the particle size standards do ? Here we introduce you briefly how hammer crusher is reached big production of it .

Single segment mine hammer crusher into PC standard and PCZ heavy two categories , the design output of 50-1200 tons. Before 2013 , when the hammer to break our single output of up to 800 tons until PCZ advent of heavy hammer crusher , single output for the first time exceeded 1,000 tons, has created China’s largest heavy-duty hammer crusher production records . There are many customers for we can be produced when the mine produced 1,000 tons of hammer crusher skeptical, however , such a large production facilities are rare indeed in the world , the customer skepticism is justified. With PCZ1820 gradually put into operation successfully in a number of large quarries , more and more customers insight into its power, and was stunned , but its yield advantage of a landmark , and a molding without breaking it is the second compared to other crushing equipment biggest advantage.

PCZ has a 298 kg heavy hammer to break the big hammer, hammer mechanical conversion device , a person ten minutes to complete ; feed size up to 1200mm, no grate design, adjustment board to automatically adjust the particle size , not by the conventional grate control of the material , the material through the back plate back role for secondary crushing, one machine without auxiliary equipment.



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