The Main Structure System of Ball Mill

The entity modelling of Vertical Roller Mill Manufacturer is divided into three systems: transmission system, implementation system and housing and power system. The driving and execution system includes four-bar mechanism of belt and hinge and executive component like tray; power system mainly consists of motor. A deeper understanding of equipment system can help to smoothly realize the purpose of equipment reconstruction optimization. The following is a detailed introduction to ball mill system composition and function.

Driving and execution system: the belt driven device is mainly composed of driving wheel, driven wheel and conveyor belt. The belt driven part and hinged four-bar mechanism work jointly to produce planetary motion. Housing: the housing is welded with low carbon steel. The supporting frame (for dynamo) on the body is casted with equilateral hot rolled angle steel, on whose side a slot is open for motor assembly. At the same time, in order to make the structure bear heavier load, the space between the two plates will have to be reinforced in ball mill production process to increase the reliability of the structure and ensure normal and stable operation of the machine.

3. Power system: the motor belongs to YC series, namely single-phase capacitor start asynchronous motor. The motor features high starting torque and sound performance with the advantages of small volume, light weight and convenient maintenance. This series of asynchronous motor is designed at the national level abiding by the standard released by IEC (international electro-technical commission). The voltage of motor is 220 v, and the motor can operate with maximum capacity of 100 PF. It is widely used in small machinery, medical equipment, household appliances, etc.



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