The Legal Responsibilities of a Parent

Separating yourself from an abusive or incompatible partner is easy if you have the right knowledge of UK’s divorce and annulment laws. The family solicitors in Aberdeen can also be approached for support and guidance in this matter. They can help you to get out of an unpleasant martial relationship before things get too complex.
The divorce matters are more complicated where minor children of the separating couple are also involved. If you have been able to get the custody of your child or plan to apply for the same, you should also understand your responsibilities in this regard. As a single parent you will have to be extra careful about your child/children’s needs and ensure that you have sufficient means to fulfil them.
Parental responsibilities in the UK include duties such as:
  • Providing a home for the children
  • Protecting and nurturing their children
  • Choosing a school and providing for the children’s education
  • Meeting the expenses of children’s medical treatment
  • Naming their child if she / he is a new born and also agreeing to any change in the name
  • Disclosing confidential information about the child if needed for the resolution of a case
Who holds the parental responsibility of a child?
The biological mother of the child always has the parental responsibility for her child. The father has responsibility of a parent if he was married to the woman at the time of her child’s birth.
  • A father who is not married to the woman with a child can get parental responsibilities if:
  • He marries the mother willingly
  • Agrees for a parental responsibility shared with the mother;
  • Registers, or re-registers the birth of their child mutually with the child’s mother (this condition has been ongoing in the UK since 1st December 2003) or
  • Applies to the courts of law to get recognition for parental responsibility
Other people related to the mother or father can also apply to the courts to get parental responsibility under some conditions. A court in the UK may order the grandparents or any of the uncles/aunts of the chid to take up the parental responsibility.
The house and separation
In a divorce case it can be hard to reach a consensus upon the ownership of a home in which they lived together. For the couples who have children it is important to be considerate about the needs of young ones and see that they get to live in a stable and homely environment. With the security of a home, it is simpler to manage other issues.
When both the parents can reach a mutually fulfilling agreement upon the sharing of common financial assets, it is beneficial for the children in long term. If however there are any disputes at all they must be sorted as soon as possible in consultation with a divorce or family lawyer. The idea is to ensure the welfare of the children who need support of both their parents and are too young to understand the complexities of a marital dispute.



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