The Incredible Powers of Wonder Woman that You had no Idea About

Wonder Woman is amazing. She has held her own in a male-centric world of superheroes. No other female hero has managed to achieve this triumph. Sure there are Catwoman, Black Widow, Supergirl, She-Hulk, Wasp and other superheroines among the X-Men, but no one is as badass as Diana the Amazonian warrior princess whom we lovingly call Wonder Woman. With her standalone film surpassing all box office expectations this year by entering the elite list of top ten highest grossing films of 2017, the megastar status of Wonder Woman has firmly been established. It comes as no surprise then that Wonder Woman official merchandise including women crop tops and other t-shirts for women have been selling like hotcakes.


So we all know that Diana’s biggest weapons are the Lasso of Truth, the Sword of Justice and her bullet deflecting bracelets, her tiara and her shield, this incredible female superhero has more tricks up her sleeves. As the daughter of Zeus, she was blessed with several powers by different gods and goddesses. She isn’t called the Wonder Woman for nothing, after all. Take a look at some of the other powers that the Amazonian warrior princess uses to defend the world from the evil guys.


She is fireproof

Hestia, the goddess of hearth and home, passed on the power of fire to Wonder Woman and her lasso. Just as fire cleanses by the process burning, Wonder Woman’s lasso is the weapon of righteousness, obliging one to bring out the truth. But this blessing from Hestia entails more powers. In some of the comic book stories this gift makes Wonder Woman fire resistant. It is said that she was even able to withstand the flaming blaze of Ares, the Greek god of war. Now that’s one awesome ability that every other superhero would be envious of.


She possesses superhuman speed

What gift would Hermes, the messenger of the gods bequeath to Wonder Woman? As swift as he was, moving from one world to the other while delivering divine messages, Hermes decided that the best power he could bestow Wonder Woman with was the might of superhuman speed and the ability to fly. It is this very speediness that allows her to deflect bullets with such rapid reflexes. While she cannot beat the Flash when it comes to quickness, Diana can still move faster than many other superheroes out there.


She is incessantly kind

The quality of beauty and kindness was showered on Diana by Aphrodite, the goddess of love. You might argue that these are not actual forces and you’re right to a certain extent. Kindness is an attribute that generally isn’t clubbed with superhero abilities, but what we often tend to forget is that a simple act of kindness can bring immense changes in the world. Yes, there are lots of superheroes with superhuman capacities, but not many have the innate warmth and goodwill that Wonder Woman possesses.


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