The Function of Magnesium Carbonate for Food Additives

Magnesium is a kind of important mineral substance. It is beneficial to our body. In the human body, magnesium can maintain normal nervous system and muscle function. Enough magnesium element is necessary for us to maintain a healthy heart, skeleton, and regulate blood sugar, blood pressure level. What’s more, body need magnesium to generate energy. This kind of mineral substance exists in the various of food and drink. However, maybe it is still not achieve the best level. Today, as professional magnesium oxide and magnesium carbonate manufacturer, Meishen talks about it with you.

Food Grade Magnesium Carbonate

Magnesium oxide Daily Reference Intakes

Daily reference intakes represents that the nutrition needed by a health body in a day. A adult female aged 19 to 30 need about 310mg of magnesium. A adult female aged 31 and above need 320mg of magnesium. What’s more, according to a child’s age,the RDA of children need 30mg to 240mg of magnesium.

Supplements of magnesium have a lot of forms, such as magnesium carbonate and magnesium sulfate. In addition, it includes magnesium glycinate, magnesium, magnesium dipropionate, chelated magnesium, etc. If you want to add magnesium element, you can consult your doctor which kind of supplement is the best fit for you.



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Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is a professional manufacture of magnesium oxide, magnesium carbonate, magnesium sulfate and zinc oxide for industrial, food and pharmaceutical applications. Meishen is established in September, 2003, and now it is developed a group company owns 3 professional plants produce magnesium commodities and specialties for diversified industries and several famous brands like MeiShen, XingMei and MeiTai. Meishen Technology Co., Ltd is the leader of both manufacture and market of Magnesium chemical industry in China, and well recognized by the customers all around the world.

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