The ending of the story is a dramatic one

Maybe, in fact, I’m mainly talking about Chen Shifeng. He probably had the same idea with Ding Crab: Yeah, I was killing someone, but I’m not guilty.

Chen Shifeng is more cruel than the crab, Dan Ding crab made more sin. He killed 30 years old friend Fang Jinxin while her mother Fang Fangjin new nanny.

Ding Crab four sons, and later have successively killed Fang Jin new three daughters. The death penalty for the death of Ding Crab was pardoned by the Queen, and in a few years came out. His underworld son, also killed the white kill, because of the lack of evidence, always happy.

The ending of the story is a dramatic one, Fang Jinbo’s new son, Fang Zhanbo, succeeds in revenge through the stock market. Dingjiawuhai, have jumped from the tall buildings.

The story is a story, but the reality is not. Like Chen Shifeng, sentenced to twenty years, this is the top court of Japan’s court punishment, so many people’s signature, so much public opinion, finally still played a role.

Compared with those murderers who killed the white samurai even hid in temples, Chen Shifeng’s 20-year sentence was low, at least not unpunished.

Domestic concern about the case of people, indignant at not sentenced to death, Jiang Ge mother is even more saddened. However, this result must be accepted replica mcm backpack and legal decisions can not be unfair.

However, mcm backpack replica different countries and different people will have different views on the death penalty. With the economic development and social progress, our attitude towards the death penalty is in fact constantly changing.



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