The Dot Net Life Cycle Application

Dot net is one the evergreen programming dialects in the IT world. Indeed, even it has discharged quite a long while back, the significance and freshness of the dialects are not yet diminished. This ground-breaking writing computer programs was discharged in late 2000. From that time it has been discharging different versions.Its most recent form is 4.7. The existence cycle of an application discloses to us how the application begins functioning and what were the stages that it experiences, etc. Today in this article, sick let you realize the existence cycle of Dot net application.


Before going to clarify you the existence cycle of Dot net application, let me present you what is Microsoft Dot net? what is its use in the IT World? Essentially is a front-end web application programming model. This is utilized to give different administrations, required to lift up hearty applications for  PC’s just as for Handheld gadget like Smartphone, tablets and so forth.


Microsoft speck net has a few parts.Among them, Asp.Net is one among them.  These Asp.Net codes are the gathered codes written in a reusable segment present in Dot net system. Also, it permits the utilization of full highlights programming dialects like c# (or) VB .net to manufacture web applications… The .Net application codes can be written in any of the programming dialects like c+ +, Visual Basic, Javascript (or) J ##.


ASP>NET sits on the highest point of the HTTP protocol.This HTTP is a stateless convention. Moreover, this system helps in putting away the data with respect to the condition of the convention. This state is fundamentally of two sorts :


Page state and session state :


Page state is the condition of the customer. This page state contains different information fields in the web form.The session state contains the aggregate data got from the different pages. These pages might be where the client visited (or) the client worked with. One concealed truth that you have to know here is that Only HTTP can’t ready to deal with the solicitation originating from the few clients. So this sessions page collaborate with the HTTP to deal with all the solicitation of the customer (or) end client.


Presently given me a chance to move into the primary idea.


The existence cycle of Asp.Net application:


The existence cycle of Asp.Net application occurs in the accompanying manner.


At the point when a client makes a solicitation to get to the application asset, the program sends a solicitation to the web server.


A bound together pipeline gets the primary solicitation and the accompanying occasions happen.


An object of Application class supervisor has been made.


An item class facilitating chief has made and gives the data with respect to the assets :


Reaction items are made. The application articles, for example, Http Context, Http solicitation, and Http Response were made and introduced.


A case of the application item made and alloted to the solicitation.


This solicitation is then prepared by HTTP application class.


At the point when a page mentioned by the end client, it stacked into the server memory. It at that point forms it and afterward empties the memory. At last, it empties the information after the fulfillment of the process.During this procedure a few things will occur, let us talk about every single one of it in detail.


Page demand :


At whatever point a page mentioned by the end user,it chooses whether to process the page (or) not. As needs be, the reaction will sent to the end client.


Page introduction :


At this stage, pages doled out special Id. This ID is valuable at the season of reusing the information.


Page load:


At this state controls, properties set utilizing the view state and control state esteems.




This is essentially used to approve the information present in the application. Approve technique for approval called and upon the effective execution, the approval() said to genuine.


Page rendering :


At this stage, strives phase of the page and every one of the controls spared. This page calls the render technique for each control and yield of rendering kept in touch with the Output stream class of the Response property of the page.


Empty :


The information subsequent to sending to the customer will emptied.


This is the finished picture of Lifecycle of Dot net application

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