The Do’s and don’ts of Trifold brochure printing

Once you have had your brief introduction with your potential business prospect and exchanged your 16pt business cards, it is now time to carry forward the effect of the good first impression by providing him with a trifold brochure. Believe it or not, trifold brochure printing is a very principal task for any business associate and nowadays business honchos are putting more effort into it. The reason being very simple as trifold brochures has the ability to showcase your company and the products it produces in the most effective fashion. Therefore, it is mandatory for you to fully understand what you are required to do in order to get the perfect brochure for your company. Before you begin choosing the material for your brochure have a look at the basic pros and cons of trifold brochure printing and the common mistakes associated with it.

Choose the right printing company

To perform such a critical task, you require an aid who will be utmost reliable and provide you the required assistance. The correct printing company will be capable of addressing any issues and provide suitable solutions to the various problems that arise in trifold brochure printing. They must guide you through the overall design and printing procedure to make your brochure top-class.

Some important features of trifold brochure

Some essential features must be considered in case of trifold brochure printing so that best results yield. They are: –
• Number of pages
• Folding options
• Colors
• Overall size
• Paper stock
• Ink types
• Graphics
Do not get tempted by the availability of computers and printers to print the brochure and fold them all by yourself as it can have an adverse effect on your company and make it look cheap.

A few Benefits

Compared to other brochures trifold ones can a lot of additional benefits which can prove to be fundamental to your company’s growth.
• Trifold brochures reveal all three panels at once. So you can spread out the contents and graphics throughout the multiple panels making them look more appealing to the readers.
• Other than that, they are significantly cost effective and can be easily handed out.
• They take up minimum counter space and fits exactly into the pocket.
• Can be easily mailed as it fits into the standard sized envelope.

Inevitable drawbacks

Choosing trifold brochure has an additional advantage of not actually having any drawbacks, but it does come out to be an unsuitable option sometimes. Some problems with images might arise as the paper is folded into three folds unless you are careful and consult your printer about the matter. Multiple products that need to be highlighted will not find a trifold brochure appropriate for their printing, instead a brochure with multiple pages and a larger size will be preferred.

Common mistakes

Now we are all humans and humans make mistakes. But we must at all costs try to avoid them and perform fine trifold brochure printing. Some common mistakes are: –
• Trying to do the whole work by yourself instead of hiring a professional company.
• And while hiring, you hire the wrong company and mess up the entire operation.
• Indulging in individual design of each panel.
• Unable to estimate or rather evaluate the complete design before printing.
The final draft of your brochure depends a lot upon the occurrence of these mistakes.

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Your business requires a hell lot of marketing and it does not end with the exchange of 16pt business cards . Put some valuable effort into Trifold brochure printing and watch for yourself how results seem to flourish.



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