The chinese alphabets have quite delicate and sophisticated artistic structure

Throughout the history world has always been fascinated by chinese nation. As they tend to be very inspiring and artistic whether it’s their dress code,food aur alphabets. The chinese alphabets have quite delicate and sophisticated artistic structure .It’s like when you look a word written in chinese letters you are not actually reading it ,it gives an image ,a picture of the scenario its describing. Origin of these letters is from symbols which tell about a certain incident.

Describing how to read sentences in online Chinese courses, firstly whenever we want to communicate in chinese we must look at the familiarity of a person to chinese language. why,that is so because if the person is native to chinese language use of few words can describe the whole scenario but if the person ,the commuter is a foreigner ,then we need more clarification on our choice of words e-g if two chinese people communicate together then and they talk about what to eat for dinner, they may tell each other in less than two words. But the same thing if is to be explained to foreigner a whole fancy sentence of 10 words might be needed so he could grasp the whole concept and left out with misunderstood phrase.

Here we can also refer to different websites to learn chinese the way natives speak it.

To learn chinese it would be beneficial to watch movies, interact through social media accounts, read through translated web articles. Daily practice of font and structure helps in the long run. Start from writing 10 words in chinese  then switch to 20 then 100 finally prepare a draft and send it for evaluation for fun by a chinese. This way you could learn without actually spending a penny and will have advantage over others for your resume, You will have greater socializing skills. The other way round which is more beneficial could be hiring a tutor.sounds safe though.



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