The Best Way to Administer Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is useful for healing orthopedic pain arising due to surgeries, joint injuries, and fatigued muscles. You can use cold therapy with the help of ice packs or via special devices.

Understanding Cold Therapy

Cold therapy is an age-old home remedy for healing orthopedic pain. In recent years, it is also used quite extensively in hospital and clinical settings due to its many benefits for patient recovery.

Cold therapy involves the application of freezing temperatures over the injury site. The extreme cold hampers nerve communication and stops the blood supply to the application site. All this is temporary, so it doesn’t harm the body. The temporary reduction in blood supply forces the inflammation to go down. As the inflammation reduces, patients begin to experience less pain.

Faster reduction in pain helps patients begin their rehabilitation program right on schedule or even sooner. Speedy recovery also enables patients to heal without requiring the excessive need for pain medicines. These pills can be addictive and cause health problems with their prolonged use.

The traditional way to administer cold therapy is to simply pack some ice cubes in a bag and use it over the injury site. The more efficient way is to use a cold therapy unit.

Using a Cold Therapy Unit

A cold therapy unit is a device to deliver freezing temperatures over injuries in the safest way possible. The machine consists of several components that work coherently to deliver cold therapy in the best way possible. You need to simply fill the tank with ice and water. As you switch on the machine, the pump begins to circulate the water to the healing pad that you need to wrap around the injured area beforehand.

Brands like IsoComforter use self-priming pumps in their cold therapy units to make it easy for patients to use the machine. IsoComforter also uses the patented Iso Tube technology for its cold therapy machines. The healing pads in IsoComforter machines consist of ridges to protect the skin from extreme cold temperatures.

Cold therapy works best if used consistently and delivered evenly. Using a machine helps patients consistently administer cold therapy due to its easy mechanisms. On the other hand, ice packs can be really uncomfortable to hold over the injuries for prolonged periods. When you use cold therapy units from reputed brands like IsoComforter, you can also benefit from features like portability and hassle-free mechanisms. Once you fill the tank in the IsoComforter machines, it can last for a long time without requiring you to replenish the ice in it.

Ice packs can also be a dripping mess and worse. The dripping water can enter the surgical or open injury wounds and increase patients’ chances of contracting infections. So, cold therapy machines are not only easy to use but also extremely safe for the patients.

Cold therapy units also deliver temperatures evenly as there are no limitations such as those of irregular-shaped ice packs.


IsoComforter, Inc. manufactures and delivers state-of-the-art cold therapy units nationwide for effective pain control after orthopedic injuries, knee replacement, shoulder pain, back surgery, rotator cuff surgery, and ACL knee surgery. To know more, visit IsoComforter/Why-Cold-Therapy-Machine.



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