The Best Path For Court Marriage In Lahore Pakistan

Court marriage in Pakistan solemnized under Muslim Family Laws:

Court marriage in Pakistan solemnized under Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961, requires its registration but Nikah does not become invalid due to its non-registration. If a person does not report court marriage procedure in Pakistan to Nikah Registrar  in Lahore Pakistan for the purpose of registration, he may be held liable under S. 5(4)of Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961.” Female not attained majority but attained puberty cannot be compelled to sever her Nikah / court marriage in Pakistan. Female though not having attained the age of majority but having attained puberty, cannot be compelled to sever her Nikah/marriage entered by her own free-will. There is disability to contract court marriage in Pakistan after period of Iddat.

Female undergoing period of iddat:

Female undergoing period of iddat relating to her marriage which has come to an end on account of death or pronouncement of divorce in Pakistan but such inability disappears when female wishes to enter into another matrimonial relationship after the period of iddat has expired. Islam forbids sexual relationship outside marriage bond and considers it a grave offence against the society. Confidence, affection and mutual trust is required in court marriage in Pakistan and in divorce in Pakistan. Both of them build up marital life on the basis of mutual trust and understanding. Holy Quran describes the relationship between the spouses as raiment worn to cover the body and says that “women were your garments and men are their apparel” which would mean that husband and wife are like body and garments to cover each other. Said Ayyat of Holy Qur’an signifies close relationship of the two sexes in the spiritual sense, further it refers that they should protect each other’s privacy and cover each other’s short-comings and secrets. Islam condemns all acts of mistrust, allegations and disobedience of husband.

Wife should be obedient and guardian of her husband; she should not become fault finder, malignant critic, but should be Conniving at his faults and should never stigmatize the husband on hearsay information; and she should try to build up gaiety and happy social life. A male is under disability to contract marriage with Marriage establishes a firm bond of love, guards the sanctity of the bond of marriage and protects her and husband’s chastity and virtues, guards her honor for him and to be faithful to him, which also would include guarding secrets of husband because being close contact, she learns the most private and concealed facts of his life, which if brought to public would disgrace and ruin his life In Islam, it was binding upon the wife to guard secrets of her husband. Muslim family law, attaches great importance to the sanctity of marriage, it enjoins the Muslims to strengthen their relationship and make marriage a success. Nikah of sui juris girl cannot be invalid. Nikah of Sui juris girl cannot be invalid for the reason that the “Guardian had not extended his permission Nikah of an adult girl is not invalid for want of permission of guardian. Nikah of an adult girl is not invalid for want of permission of guardian and marriage is also not invalid on account of the absence of the consent of Guardian.

Witnesses are required for conducting court marriage procedure in Pakistan. The absence of witnesses of ‘Nikah’ ceremony would not make the marriage void but only irregular whereas a marriage duly performed in presence of two persons cannot be described as invalid in any case. Consent of guardian is not required and a sui juris Muslim female can enter into a valid Nikah/marriage of her own free will.  Rights of women are guarded in the court marriage procedure in Pakistan. Restraining women in order to tease them or enhance their agony is strictly prohibited in Islam.  Chapter18. Muslim female of sound mind. Muslim female of sound mind who has attained puberty can enter into a valid contract of marriage.  Consent of Guardian not essential for court marriage and divorce in Pakistan

Court Marriage In Pakistan:

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