The Best Options for Permanent Removal of Tattoo

When you had given the first thought for your precious tattoo design, you never thought that one day you have to remove it. Circumstances change in everyone’s life, and you have taken the final call for permanently removing the tattoo. Unfortunately, there is no magic cream or scrub so, which is the best option? Scroll down below to know the best tattoo removal procedures.

Laser Removal – It is the most popular method for removing a tattoo. Although it is one of the most effective processes, it is also heavy on your pockets and painful. The laser beam is pinpointed on the tattoo, and after a few sittings depending on the tattoo size, the laser helps in breaking down the pigments in the tattoo. These tiny pigment bits are disposed of by the body.

Plastic Surgery – This is one of the best tattoo removal procedures available and also least expensive as well as painful. If one is unwilling to go through the full process of laser surgery, then plastic surgeon will graft another layer of skin on the tattooed area. The cost varies on the size of the area, and you have to be admitted in the hospital for some days.

Make-up method – If you cannot afford an expensive laser removal procedure, go for makeup for covering the botched tattoo until you made up your mind for the laser technique, camouflage the tattoo with a concealer. These are not normal concealers but specially made for covering the tattoos. You can use it easily at home.

Tattoo Removal Cream – Look for a premium removal cream that has three creams. The first cream helps in preparing your skin for the other two creams. The second cream breaks the ink particles from your skin, and the final cream enhances the process of removing the tattoo completely. It is mild and gentle, cent percent natural and helps you to eliminate the tattoo without any side effects. The tattoo will be completely removed within a year depending upon the color pigments and the size.

Wrecking Balm – It is a balm for fading away from your regretful tattoo. It is quite a revolutionary item launched for tattoo buffs. The sad part, it takes a humongous time for removing the tattoo. One has to be diligent and religious to get the desired result. It is an expensive cream, no pain in your body but definitely painful for your pocket.

Lemon Juice and Salt – Instead of going for expensive treatments, use these ingredients for removing your tattoo naturally. Make a solution of two to three tablespoon of lemon juice and 100 gms of salt and soak a cotton ball in the solution. Dab the soaked cotton ball on the affected area for an hour until the solution is deeply absorbed into the skin. After that, rinse off with warm water.


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