The American School of Doha Among the Best AP Schools in Qatar

Apart from offering top of the range facilities, the school has over the years been ranked among the best AP Schools in Qatar. Thanks to this program, academically gifted students get to increase their skills and chances of getting admitted to the best colleges in the world.

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Why AP?

The Advanced Placement program comes with numerous benefits. For one, this program enables students to earn college credits when they are still in high school. Such students not only have an easier time getting admitted to the college of their choice but they also stand a better chance of getting accepted to the most coveted universities in the world.

AP classes prepare students for the rigorous college curriculum. It has been found that students who took AP classes in high school gain skills that make it much easier for them to adjust to the college life. In most cases, such students also get to know the career path to follow and the right courses to undertake to increase their marketability.

Even in top-rated colleges and universities, students who score well in AP classes are exempted from taking certain introductory courses in college. This means that such students take a relatively shorter time to graduate. It also means that the students save on costs they would have incurred while taking the exempted courses.

The AP program is ideal for academically gifted students looking for a more challenging curriculum. This curriculum will keep them busy, open their minds and help them increase their chances of admission into good colleges. The program also opens doors for scholarships and other funding opportunities reserved highly gifted students.

A Brief about the School

As the name suggests, the American School of Doha uses the American System of Education. Since the school attracts students from different parts of the world, the curriculum is tailored to suit the needs of the students in an international and culturally diverse setting.

The institution boasts of modern facilities designed to make learning easy. Both AP and IB courses are offered here. There are also numerous extra-curricular making this the perfect place for students to learn, play and grow.

The faculty here is drawn from all corners of the world. The faculty is carefully chosen to ensure that students here get nothing short of the best training and guidance. Here students can expect to get exposed to diverse cultures and the right start where education is concerned. Given that this is among the best AP schools in Qatar, students in this institution can also look forward to getting admission to the best colleges and universities in the world.



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