That is your option to Rsgoldfast

A good deal of time they have to OSRS gold state technical linitations, since they aren’t typically permitted to speak about them without their staff and staff leaders approval, or even the more outspoken ones (cms like shaunt was) can only really say what they’re permitted to say. Documentation can’t be just given by them without problems, on each and every restriction of their systems.

RuneScape games share 1 log in host. Rs3 is worlds 1 to 200 although I’m no expert but essentially it seems like it’s 1 single game and osrs is worlds 300 to 400. Idk the numbers but something like that. If you’re on the client you can only observe the 200 worlds. While I am not 100% sure on the worlds kind comparison I do know they share the identical login server because a while ago osrs had an issue and they shit down the log in server and nobody could log in to rs3 either.

Jagex should enable you to horde your keys that are Everyday

The reason why jagex doesnt allow this, is to create a scenario in which you feel pressured to act now and purchase keys as that is your option to Rsgoldfast make the most of a voucher. Being able to horde keys for promotions someone wants to take part in, mtx feels like something you’ve got more control over and you could”make” with daily challenges and simply being clever eith your everyday keys. Instead of.



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