Tattoo Artists in Durham – Ask Five Questions to Find The Best

Getting your body inked with a tattoo design is a major decision since it’s likely to be an everlasting piece of art on your body. It’s therefore perfectly viable to ask friends and shop around to find the best tattoo artists in Durham. Asking questions is a steady way to know the self-confidence, knowledge, and professionalism of a tattoo artist. Therefore, you can consider five good questions that are recommended as under:

What is the length of your experience?

Knowing about the length of experience obviously matters, since experience makes a tattoo artist expert in tattoo artistry. The longevity of a tattoo design signifies that the artist is seasoned and successful enough to offer quality services that satisfy clients like you. Having long experience equally shows that tattoo artists in Durham have encountered various challenges and difficulties along the way to be an accomplished artist. You can expect them to know more concerning how to deal with various kinds of skins especially for those areas of the body which are more delicate and likely to hurt considerably when being inked.

What kind of safety rules do you follow?

Knowing if the shop is following the industry-standard safety rules is very important for you. The kind of safety practices that tattoo artists in Durham follow determine their standard, professionalism as well as responsibility since such practices help control spreading of blood-borne diseases like Hepatitis B, HIV, tuberculosis in the society unnecessarily. Contextually, the use of the autoclave machine has been compulsory for studios involved in tattoo artistry. An autoclave is quite a costly device used for sterilizing needles and devices and thereby, artists who have invested in buying the machine show their seriousness in safety measures. You should always avoid a tattoo artist or tattoo shop which doesn’t have an autoclave or if it is not clean enough or doesn’t follow healthy practices of using hand gloves.

Could you please show me your portfolio of past works?

A portfolio of past works is good evidence that the artist has the needed skill and talent to provide quality work that you are looking for. Apart from displaying their great creative tattoo works in the studios, professional tattoo artists in Durham feel proud to show the albums or collections of their earlier works to potential clients as a great marketing tool. While some tattoo artists specialize in black and grey tattoos, there are others who are having skills in color. Most tattooists have an active Facebook or Instagram account which you can browse online prior to meeting them in the studio. If an artist is found not interested to show his/her portfolio or hide the same, it makes sense to look for some other artist.

How much do you charge for a tattoo work?

Most tattoo artists charge their professional fees in terms of the size and complexity of their tattoo jobs as well as on an hourly basis. Having a tattoo from a distinguished artist can cost hundreds of dollars and take a considerable time for the inking job. Finally, you should not forget to tip the artist. Since you are having some kind of budget for beautifying your body with a piece of the great tattoo, before having his/her services, it’s always the best choice to know about the charges.

What kinds of aftercare instructions do you suggest?

Providing customers on aftercare instructions verbally and through instruction manuals is a great responsibility of a tattoo artist. Following necessary aftercare methods according to tattoo artists in Durham has great importance for you that helps in faster healing as well as making your tattoo design long-lasting.


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