Tantric Gay Massage – How to Enjoy It

Every man deserves a good tantric massage! Well, even if you haven’t, you should – because getting a Gay Tantric Massage London is probably going to be one of the best things to ever happen to you. Seriously, a delightful butt play, we promise.

Actually, gay or straight, tantric massages are a very pleasing and pleasurable way to an orgasm (yes, even more pleasurable than regular intercourse) and it’s one of those things you simply never forget. A totally different experience!

What, what? In the butt!

Everyone knows that anal pleasure is something spectacular – for both men and women. Thing is, anal is way more pleasurable for men due to prostate closeness but many (straight) guys are on the wire and would never try it. Why? It’s understandable. Anal sexual activity has always dangled on the margins of GayVille and, consequently, homophobia that we can say – rare are the straight guys who have tried it. Truth is, though, with the expansion of straight porn that’s been heavily promoting anal play, things may have changed by now in plenty a household, but we can’t be sure.

In essence, it appears we’ve reached peak anal, so it wouldn’t be fair to stop now. It’s time we’ve moved onto the tantric pleasures.

What’s a tantric massage? Everything.

Tantric massage is the type of massage pressure and technique associated with a sensual touch; with this in mind, tantric massage is perfect for carrying out an erotic massage that focuses on sexual pleasure by using tantric practices. However, with tantric massage – an orgasm isn’t all that one’s getting; the focus of touching and energy is on understanding the skin and all its sensors in order to achieve erotic stimulation and the ultimate pleasure. Gay Massage London can be carried out in tantric studios, sex saunas, massage parlors or even while you are in the comfort of your own home amazing, right? Hey, hey, what you must understand though is that a Male Massage London doesn’t involve traditional sexual intercourse (penetration) but while massaged, the receivers are fully nude. And the best part? Multiple orgasms. And we do mean multiple. A tantric orgasm is better than any other orgasm you’ve had before. You’ll see.

Is there any relation to prostate massaging? In a way, yes.

All men know that a prostate massage is a feeling like no other; gay man know this very well as they are sexually focused on the anal area while straight men may have guessed it or even tried it (if they were lucky enough to have a gf who’d butt-finger them).

Tantric massaging focuses on all body triggers, one of them being the prostate. The area that triggers prostate pleasure is called the “P-Spot” or the prostate gland. It should be located about two knuckles deep, inside a guy’s ass. Should? Yes, should. It varies; tall guys may have the spot located slightly deeper while short guys may have it placed slightly shallower. Still, it’s not a huge difference, anyways.

Experts absolutely know what to do and how to trigger all sensitive spots (that result in a mindblowing orgasm and heavy prostate milking) but if you’d like to try it for sport at home – trust your butt plug. They are amazing for various reasons – apart from being designed so they agree with human anatomy they are a safe way to stay “clean” and away from your partner in-butt. Yes, it does sound gross, but hey – we’re just being real.

Well, we wish you a fantastic tantric experience and we do hope your ass play is going to improve in 2017. Good luck!



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