Take intensive courses in a language school.

Trying to online chinese course is always more effective in a language school than in classes taught at school or university. Classes are so intensive that you will end up thinking in the foreign language. In addition, they are taught in classes with a relatively small number of students. Small group teaching has the advantage of being able to practice constantly and to have a lot of discussions. Being a native speaker, the teacher will speak only in his native language and will not utter a word in yours. Rather than translate unfamiliar words, he will explain them in the foreign language, which will allow you to improve your comprehension and enrich your vocabulary.

Use your time efficiently and enjoy your hobbies in the language you want to learn. Reading books in the foreign language will improve the structure of your sentences, teach you how to master grammar and enrich your vocabulary. When watching a movie or TV series, put both the soundtrack and the subtitles in the foreign language. By reading what you hear, you will improve your pronunciation, as well as your listening comprehension. Do not hesitate to watch TV and listen to the radio in the other language. For example, by regularly following the spoken and televised newspapers, you will be able to have interesting discussions on serious topics.

If you like learning in a more privileged relationship, the tandem is for you. The principle: to carry out activities in the company of a person speaking the foreign language and eager to learn yours. The idea is to see you for at least two hours and speak the first hour in one language and the second in the other. Activities can be varied: drink, play sports, go to the cinema, bowling, go shopping, stroll, volunteer. The tandem method allows you to practice the language, to be corrected by the other and learn the vocabulary of different activities. In addition, if the friendship grows, you will be led to see you outside the tandem, which will offer you more opportunities to practice the language.



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