Survival Uses.

When doing tent repair, open up the tent at the campsite and examine it completely for those little tears. It really is no problem if you have brought your duct tape with you. Then just cover the holes with patches of the size needed. Also for double protection match the patching locations at the very inside of  the tent. You will keep insects and water outside where it all belongs.

When fabricating rope, twist several lengths of tape into a serious cord . Of course the more you use, the better the rope would

When fabricating a clothes line, twist long pieces of tape to make a great section of cord or rope to hang your laundry on in the sun.


When you discover you have a hole in your only sleeping bag,  patch up that hole with your duct tape. Just eye measure the pieces you need, and patch away.

When using duct tape to help keep fresh partially opened food packages, Fold the top of the packages tightly, and then seal it up using strip pieces of duct tape. Works for cans, too.  You can also make a temp can lid using duct tape.

A broken tent zipper can leave your tent doors exposed to the elements, and a windy night makes it even worse. Tape the flaps shut for the night, and better repairs on the morning.

Tear off some foot long strips of tape and hang them from your cabin ceiling . The tape will serve you as a type of flypaper. you can roll up the tape to toss it in the trash once finished with it. No chemicals are needed because the glue in the tape attracts the flies.

When you have a damaged water bottle or a pierced canteen,  A little bit duct tape to the rescue. It’s important to dry the area first to help the tape stick to your patched area and stay in place. The tape is water proof, but sticks best to a dry surface. You can do a complete wrap job of a bottle, and it will be Ok.


If you must hunt, but only have a knife, duct tape will do a great job of securing the blade to a pole to create a spear. attach the knife to a pole and you have a trusty spear to go find your dinner.

When you need an emergency roof, trash bags and duct tape can get you through the night. Any soft wide material can be used for temporary shelter roofing.

If a terrible storm damages the siding on your home or tree limb detached in a storm hits your house, even hailstones rip your siding. You can do patch work on the vinyl with your duct tape. These days tape comes in any color that matches your home, and you can apply it to any surface that is dry. Smooth out the patches using your hands, or by hand with a rolling pin. Duct tape patches are known to last over a year.



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