Surgical Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

Popularly called as ‘impotence’, erectile dysfunction (ED) is a medical condition that disables a man in keeping his penis firm enough to have a satisfactory physical intercourse. Nowadays, this sexual disorder has become a common cause of stress amongst couples. It may lead to depression and lower down self-esteem of patients if not properly treated over a long period. If you are someone who is struggling with ED, then you must not panic. Taking an appointment with an experienced doctor who is well-versed in handling similar cases will be definitely helpful for you.

Surgical Treatment Options for Erectile Dysfunction

How Can I Treat My Erectile Dysfunction? 

Fortunately, there are various medical options available for treating erectile dysfunction. Your doctor will advise the most beneficial treatment plan depending on your requirements. 

Penis Pump and Medications – At first, your doctor may ask you to take certain medicines or they may even suggest use of penis pump during any type of sexual activity. Working principle of penis pump is to accumulate blood around penis area in order to make it erect. It operates with the help of a battery and creates vacuum around your penis whenever switched on. In this way, it helps you in enjoying your sex life.

Penile Implant Surgery – Your doctor may suggest a penile implantation surgery when primary treatments do not serve the purpose. This surgery involves placement of artificial implants over your penis in order to help you in achieving an erection. There are mainly two types of implants which are being used widely. They are – inflatable and malleable penile implants. Your doctor will thoroughly inspect your condition and then choose best available implant. 

Vascular Reconstructive Surgery – This surgery helps in clearing the blocked arteries that might have limited the flow of blood to your penis. This erectile dysfunction treatment is mainly recommended if you are young and have injured your penis during any task.

Merits of Availing Erectile Dysfunction Treatment in India 

When it comes to best quality medical treatments, India stands among the topmost healthcare facilitators. This country has a giant group of well-equipped multi-specialty hospitals and medical professionals that are highly qualified and immensely talented. These doctors are renowned for providing positive results that eventually aid a speedy recovery. Here, you can choose from various erectile dysfunction treatment options for availing finest care in a hassle-free manner. Also, you don’t need to fear regarding communication problem as majority of doctors as well as their working staff speaks fluent English language. India is, therefore, the best alternative for everyone seeking top-quality erectile dysfunction treatment.

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