Surgical Blades Market to Expand with Significant CAGR by 2026

The global Surgical Blades Market is expected to increase growth in the years to come with the increasing number of surgeries. The growing number of geriatric population across the globe is also presumed to be adding to positively benefit the surgical based market in the long run. Medical centers are being built with increasing number of operation rooms in order to accommodate the rising number of patients. Different types of surgeons having multiple specialties are being employed to cater to the needs of these patients. This in turn is presumed to have a positive impact on the global surgical blades market during the forecast period 2018-2026.

The global surgical blades market could be divided according to product, end user, and material type. By product type, the surgical blades market could be further divided into sterile market and non-sterile market. The sterile sub-segment is estimated to be larger product type between the two. Based on end user, the market is segmented into hospitals, clinics, ambulatory surgical centers, nursing centers, and reference laboratories. Out of these, hospitals are the largest end users of surgical blades. On the basis of material type, the market is categorized into stainless steel and high grade carbon steel. Among these, the stainless steel sub-segment is the most attractive and is anticipated to gain more revenue in the market.

The report presented here is a complete evaluation of the global surgical blades market with large focus on market dynamics that includes market drivers, restraints, and trends and opportunities. It also offers geographical and other segmentation studies of the market.

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One of the most lucrative opportunities in mobile marketing could be created with the growing use of stainless steel surgical blades as it features razor-sharp cutting edges and clean incisions for superior cutting along with properly numbered scalpel handles. They are also sterile and have better shelf life. These products used for surgical purposes do not need to undergo stringent regulatory process as they are classified as low-risk devices. These factors are likely to increase new product launches, thus boosting the revenue growth of surgical blades in overall market.

The global surgical blades market could be regionally classified into Latin America, Asia Pacific, Europe and North America. Currently, Asia Pacific is presumed to register a larger growth rate as compared to the other regions. This is because developing countries like India and China are still on their way to build more healthcare and medical centers to cater to their needs of increasing number of patients. These factors are anticipated to boost the growth of the surgical blades market in the region.

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Leading companies operating in the global surgical blades market are SouthMedic, Surgical Specialties Corporation, VOGT Medical, Kai Industries Co., Ltd., and Swann-Morton Limited.



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