Strengthen the legal awareness of sand maker enterprise

Obviously, if illegal sand making machine manufacturers didn not get appropriate punishment, the illegal will bemotivated repeated, so the protection role of the law is to prevent this kind ofphenomenon. The illegal sewage makes pollution to the environment, soEnvironmental Law provisions will impose fine and suspend its business forrectification, according to the seriousness of the responsible persons. To givefull play to the role of the economic and legal protection in newindustrialization process of silica sand production equipment is conducive to the goals ofthe new industrialization.

The law has a positive role for the newindustrialization, but the problem of imperfect laws and regulations, poorimplementation has impacted the full play of its role. We should be improved inmany areas on the new way to industrialization in the future. Newindustrialization strategy involves a very wide surface, and there are a lot ofrelationships needed to be adjusted, so the laws shall adapt to the requirementsof the development of new-type industrialization innovation. At present, thereis no legal basis for the case in many fields, so relevant laws needed to beformulated.

To formulate laws improved to promote the sustainabledevelopment can make a legal foundation for new industrialization of DY sand maker. Now, there are a lotof problems in sustainable development, so the integrity of the relevant lawsand regulations are conducive to the protection and promotion of sustainabledevelopment, so as to ensure that the new industrialization objectives onschedule can be achieved.



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