Stay in Phuket beach house rental for luxurious getaway

With all the stress and worries as a part of the package deal of modern lifestyle, we are in constant search for stay and feel alive whenever we have some time off. Maybe this is what you will find in Phuket luxury villas. They were built as an alternative for hotel accommodation for those who are looking for something better and are ready to pay the price for that as well. For a beach house rental in Phuket, more specifically, the yet unspoiled Natai Beach, the best time would be between November and March, the peak season for visiting Thailand. However, the rates go down during the lean seasons. A beachfront property along with luxurious spaces with world class amenities and a magnificent view of the ocean is just what you need to take on rent for as long as you want, to spend a few days of peace with your family and friends.


The location – Natai Beach

Natai beach is a two kilometres stretch of beach, which isn’t as crowded as the other popular beached in Phuket. One look at the options of beach house rental here is enough to make up your mind on staying here. And, all this is just within half an hour of driving distance from the Phuket International Airport. The resorts and golf clubs are also a few minutes away from the most extravagant beach house you’ve ever seen.


Phuket luxury villas – capturing the imagination of travellers

If you are ready to splurge, Phuket luxury villas are ready to give all they have and by this we mean, anything at all. Talk about the best and the latest in kitchen furnishings and appliances, and you’ve got it right there waiting for you. There are people ready to wait on you. The living and dining rooms are like dreams, complementing the environment and the exterior decor with the grass and swimming pool.


Phuket luxury villas pay a lot of attention to their bathrooms and bedrooms which will truly hypnotize you with their perfect interiors, luxurious and just the right amount of colour and upholstery; not a single piece of decor has been overdone. There are three bedrooms for the main family and one guest room if you are travelling with your friend or expecting someone to join you. Leather, imported steel and wood, Italian marbles and other exclusive inclusions for special visitors – these are some of the highlights of the beach house rental.


If you are wondering about the activities while staying in beach house rental then you can walk on the beach, lie down on the grass, take a swim, go for a trek to the nearest resorts or golf clubs or drive into the city and do some souvenir shopping – the choice is yours. Or, you can do nothing and just laze away the days in one of the Phuket luxury villas. This is the luxury vacation you’ve always planned about but never been able to materialize it. So, go on now and make the bookings to confirm your stay in one of these villas.

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