State-of-the-Art Denver Crime Lab Heightens Need for Good Criminal Defense Lawyer

When someone is arrested for a criminal offense, the police have a Constitutional obligation to detail the rights that anyone arrested still has. One of the rights that a suspect is reminded of is the right to a defense lawyer. With Denver’s state-of-the-art, high-tech crime lab, that is a right that those facing criminal charges will want to take advantage of.

Like many major cities, Denver has consolidated all aspects of its criminal investigating units under one cooperative roof and will do all investigating internally. The hope is that the lab will facilitate the work of investigators and thereby better enable law enforcement to eliminate criminal activity within the Denver community.

Obviously, the goal of reducing crime is a laudable one. However, the crime lab will also mean that anyone who faces criminal charges will be up against a consolidated force of investigators, forensic experts, and ballistics specialists who will all have access to each other’s information. Such a force is not one that someone who has been arrested on criminal charges should try to surmount alone.

Fortunately, everyone who appears in criminal court in Denver is guaranteed access to a lawyer. Obviously, a suspect will want a lawyer who not only has the legal background necessary to successfully build a defense in a criminal case, but who is familiar with the ins and outs of the Denver courts. A lawyer who knows and understands the approaches of various judges and other prosecuting attorneys will prove to be a valuable asset in any criminal proceedings.

Because a criminal conviction has incredibly serious consequences that will reach far into the future, having a lawyer who specializes in criminal law gives anyone who has been accused of a crime the opportunity to get the charges reduced, or in some cases, dropped altogether. In addition, if a conviction is unavoidable, an experienced criminal lawyer will work to get sentences reduced and possibly prevent the individual from being incarcerated.

The Denver Police Department has a state-of-the-art facility to assist them in fighting crime. However, all the technology in the world cannot prevent an individual from being accused of something that they did not do. In those instances, however, the accused also has a resource to draw upon for assistance: a knowledgeable and experienced criminal lawyer who has successfully defended clients in the courtrooms of Denver.

If you are facing criminal charges, you can benefit from such a defense lawyer, as well. Contact an experienced criminal lawyer in Denver to protect your rights and your future.

If you’re facing a criminal charge in Denver or throughout Colorado, contact the Law Offices of Kimberly Diego. Kimberly Diego is a highly accomplished criminal lawyer in Denver that represents clients from all walks of life throughout the Denver metro area – juveniles and adults, and clients accused of both felonies and misdemeanors.  Contact Ms. Diego at 720.257.5346 (available 24-7) to schedule a free consultation to review the nature of your case or visit her website at



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