Startups in Dubai look quite promising investment options

If you have an idea you will find it becoming reality if you are in Dubai or other promising cities of UAE. Investment opportunities in Dubai were high for nearly last fifty years and with diversification and less dependence on oil-based economy, startups in Dubai in different industry verticals now attracting the attention of the investors not only from their country but from across the globe.


Who doesn’t know the success stories of start-ups like Careem, Fetcher, Mumzworld, HolidayMe or The Luxury Closet? Startups now deal in app-based car rental, mobile app development, online retails or something as unusual as pre-owned designer labels. Owing to its popularity as a tourist destination, venture capitalists have wholeheartedly supported travel and tourism-related projects as well and the opportunities are now practically endless. Many of these start-ups have successfully raised funds for the growth of their businesses that in turn has resulted in strengthening the overall economy of the region.


People have been investing in Middle East for a long time now due to the region’s few inherent advantages. UAE and its cities like Abu Dhabi or Dubai have been topping the list for decades. Traditionally, investors and entrepreneurs used to meet up during global business conferences, would start a discussion and followed by a new joint venture after a successful round of face-to-face interactions. Time has changed and in the era of Internet, world has been experiencing change in almost all aspects of life. So, why business networking should be left behind?


Now startups in Dubai take help of the online platforms to present their ideas in the form of a structured proposal which are viewed by thousands of investors. Was this possible earlier? An entrepreneur would have met five, at the most six investors in a business summit with no assurance of raising the fund for their projects. Associated costs like travelling, stay etc. were also high. Thankfully all have been eliminated now because of these online platforms.


So, what are the features of the portals that are attracting both the investors and the pitchers? First it is much easy and hassle free to get connected to one other. There is no interference from the website: both the pitcher and the investor are free to discuss the projects independently. The system is fool proof and legally approved, so you are always on the right side of the law. If you are trying to find investment opportunities in Dubai, there are experts who would help you in every step. They would be protecting your sensitive data, prepare the contract documents for you and will extend every possible help to finalise the deal till the end.


Startups in Dubai also find the system to be friendly and extremely useful. The website will advertise their pitches to the potential investors who are looking for investment opportunities in Dubai. And unbelievable but true, this service is completely free. So if you have a bright idea, get the best funding for your dream to become reality. Also, if you are looking to expand your business in the region this may be the best way to find your expansion plan.


Startups in Dubai are the best investment opportunities in Dubai ( for the investors if you can locate the right ones.



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