Spruce Up Your House By Cleaning Rugs Regular Basis

Spruce Up Your House By Cleaning Rugs Regular Basis

Whether it is the association with homeliness or some form of ancestral memory of the bearskin warming up the floor of the cave, rugs have a special place in our homes. Somehow a house with one or more rugs magically feels more like a home. Rug Cleaning Melbourne Perhaps it is the secret feeling of luxury at having one floor covering on top of another or the fact that we can change the look of a room without a complete re-carpet that adds to the appeal of rugs.

Whatever the reason, one of the great things about rugs is the range of choice that they bring. How about a bedside sheepskin rug to sink your toes into when you get up, or maybe a small rug beside the bath or shower to capture dripping feet? In living rooms rugs in front of fires can mop up the odd spark without ruining the main flooring whilst other rugs make a great contrast or splash of color against a wooden floor or plain carpet. With rugs inside back doors mopping up muddy willies and rugs in old stores warming up chilly flagstones the way we use rugs in our homes is endless and the rug is here to stay.

With such a variety of uses and materials keeping rugs looking clean is not always as simple as just treating them in the same way as your other flooring. Some rugs made of rush or rag need very careful treatment to avoid unraveling whilst woolen rugs wouldn’t appreciate being washed with the rest of the tiled kitchen floor.

Squeaky Clean Rugs knows great methodologies for rug cleaning and repair understand rugs and the best way to treat them to keep them clean. Our team knows when a rug can be taken out and beaten or when it should be gently washed in spring water. We have experience in cleaning a variety of stains and lifting ground in dirt from rugs. Most importantly our friendly cleaners know about different rug fabrics, when steam cleaning works and when it should not be used and how to gently clean delicate fringed rugs without sucking the fringes up into the vacuum cleaner.

Either as a one off or as part of a regular clean, spring clean, emergency clean or after builder clean, our carpet cleaning team can help you to restore the color into grime encrusted rugs and remove the bacterial smell from pet pawed rug coverings. For a really in depth house clean why not treat all your rugs and carpets to a thorough clean whilst at the same time our cleaners from Cleaner Melbourne will spruce up the rest of your home with a great all over clean.



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