Soundfreaq Sound Rise.

There once was a clock, and it’s name was sound spot. If by any chance you recall the sound spot clock, you would then have a bit of an idea of what this soundfreaq clock looks like. It essentially has the look of the sound spot’s older sibling. This is a larger unit, with a speaker at that front that is nicely protected by a slim and clothlike covering, as opposed to the simple grill that covers the sound spot’s speaker. This alarm clock is not intended to be taken outdoors, so no grill is needed. This is  bedroom intended device. At the top upper portion of the unit there is a large LED located which displays the current connection, day of the week, status of the alarm, and of course what time it is. One great thing is that the display offers a choice of six levels of brightness. That is awesome for choosing a light setting that does not hinder your falling asleep.

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It would be atop the speaker that you would locate various desired controls such as the alarm toggles to choose alarm one or alarm two, the volume control, the track control, the input source, and the pairing button. There is also a very large snooze button that is easy to locate when still half asleep, a sleep timer that offers 15 30 60 90 and 120 minute variances. All of that i guess is to be expected, but take note of the top of the speaker section. There seems to actually be a guide carved in it to help you locate snooze and alarm even easier. That is what i called user friendly.

Located at the rear of the device, you will find a USB out port for charging other devices. Yes that is an awesome feature for our modern world. Then last but not least the device come standard with a battery compartment backup unit should there be a power failure during use, or an extended brown out.

As for the function of the device, it can be programmed basically the same way as most alarm clocks are done, however this clock functions much cooler. If you use the blue tooth, and you have alarm one set, you can have it fire up the phone and play the most recent music you had listened to. Then if you engage the snooze, the music resumes as many minutes later as you have the snooze space set for. I love that. That is science at work for you.

All in all it is a great clock. Read more online about it, and always check for further reviews before you buy anything. Thanks you so very much for reading my post, and happy slumbering.



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