Some Ways to Avoid Paying Extra for your Flight

One of the crucial factor while booking flights for your next trip is saving money on airline tickets. In an international survey around 49% of respondents said that price is one of the most important factors when they decide to book flight tickets for a trip. There are many hidden fees while you find cheap flights on any routes. You will find all the hidden prices in check-in baggage while booking a specific seat and the food you eat on the plane. All the additional charges are optional and depend on airlines to airlines. We have found some of the ways by which you can avoid paying extra for your flight.

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Additional Luggage Fees

When you book a ticket in the low-cost carrier airlines, mainly you will find that it will not include any checked bag and you can only bring carry on with you. The tickets usually appear cheaper but it potentially ends up costing much more than the extra bag you will have to check. The best way to avoid this fee is to travel with a carry-on bag only. If you want checked luggage then try to pay for the baggage online. It is much cheaper to pay on airlines website rather than the check-in counter. Also, check the website for the maximum carry on size and the luggage rules before your trip as these rules are different from airline to airline.

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Pre-Selection of your Seats

If your boarding ticket does not have the option to choose your own seat free of charge then you will find another option to pay an additional fee to choose your seat. If you are traveling in a group then try to book your tickets together so that you will be seated together. If you are not seated together then you can even mail or call the airline’s official service center to fix the problem. You can also use an app called Seatfrog which helps you to bid on upgraded seats in the last minute of your trip. Hence you get seats at a very cheaper price which you would never find online.

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Meals and Drinks on Board

Each airline follows its own policy when it comes to food and drinks on board. Some of the airlines offer free drinks and snacks while others offer nothing unless you pay for it. Most long haul flights are required to provide at least one meal to passengers free of cost but the charges are included in the flight ticket. You can check your specific ticket whether the food and drinks are included in it or not. The food at the airport are typically much cheaper and of better quality than the food on the airplanes as these have added salts and chemicals which keep them fresh in high altitudes. The best and cheap way is to bring your own food and drinks on the plane.

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Credit and Debit Card Charges

When you purchase your tickets online you will notice that there are different payment options and the prices fluctuate in all these payment modes. Try and find the best and cheap options whether it’s a credit or debit card or any online mode like PayPal. Many airlines have different options and deals which varies from airline to airline. To be on the safe side we always recommend to check the official airline’s website and read all the terms and conditions of your specific ticket purchase before your trip.



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