Some Facts about Termite Damage and Termite Control in Melbourne

If you have termite damage, suspect termites might be in your home structure, or just don’t know, give us a call today.  We specialize in long term preventative treatment for termites, ensuring the value of your home.  Investing in Pest Control in Melbourne is a smart choice to maintain the value of your property.

If you have ever seen a termite, you might wonder what all the fuss is about when it comes to termite damage. They don’t appear all that tough much less so than other common pests such as cockroaches and ants. They are white a squishy, pretty much defenseless. Still, these little insects can cause quite a bit of damage to your house, and it’s important that you have a good understanding of how termite damage works in order to create an effectual solution with your pest control specialist it will save you time and money if you already have a good understanding of what you are looking at. Let’s take a look at some facts about termite damage.  You may need to setup a termite inspection.

Termites work slowly

Termite Control Services

A big misconception about termites is that they are like ants both in appearances and in habits. Watching a colony of ants in action over a bug or other source of food will understandably cause dread in a person who has their habits confused with termites after all, at that speed, termites could make off with a house in a matter of weeks! The good news is that the work ethic of these creatures is not at all the same. Even for specialized creatures such as termite’s wood can be hard to bite off and harder to digest, so it takes quite a while for them to do really significant damage. If you catch the problem, you have a good amount of time to weigh your treatment options.

What are the risks of termite damage?

If termite infestations are left untreated for a very long period of time, there are risks to the structural integrity of a house. Most of the damage is aesthetic, however. In real estate, of course, aesthetic is everything, so visible termite damage can cause a major reduction in the market value of your house. It can be very expensive to fix this damage, so the best solution is to eliminate the termites. Moreover, termites can make worse the safety problems inherent in standing trees which are dying by causing them to be weaker.

It’s not only wood at risk

The wooden structure of a house is often what people think of first when it comes to termite damage, but as we said above this is probably the least concerning issue. You’ve caught the trouble and you’ll fix it well before your home comes crashing down. Where termites tend to cause the most damage, and in a quick manner, are in other areas as they tunnel to their food source. Insulation and filtration systems are no match for their powerful jaws, and wood by products like books and paper are an easy meal.

There is a lot of hype about termites and the problems they pose, and it’s significant to separate the fact from the fiction. Termite troubles do need to be addressed, and they are a monetary problem, but your house is not about to be reduced to a pile of sawdust in a matter of hours.



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