Smiling Again after Dental Implants

For many years now Dental Implants act as the best choice and replacement for all individuals who have lost their teeth. We are surrounded by unexpected happenings which threaten our lives and one of them is accidents. There are millions of people who lose their natural teeth through accidents. Other factors may be due to cavities and infections. These weaken the jawbone and the gums hence speeding up infections and pain

Root canal treatment happens to be the first procedure that can help one eradicate pain but where the pain is aggravated, the tooth or teeth have to be removed. This leaves the jaw empty requiring a replacement

It is best that a patient gets an implant in order to protect the jawbone, gums and the tissue. This also protects one from various infections and damaging the gums food and hard objects. Get the right procedure from the best Dental Clinic in Ludhiana.

The process of Dental Implant surgeries

  • It requires the dentist to have a clear examination of the jawbone and the gums. This is because some patients have weak jawbones and so, the dentist has to find treatment for this problem
  • Dental implants mainly depend on the health of the patient. This is because once one is healthy, treatment becomes effective and there will be no complications. It is highly advisable that a patient stops smoking at least a month before the procedure
  • The major procedure starts with soft tissue reflection and a thicker band is created for the tooth to be implanted
  • A pilot hole is created using precision drills and at a monitored speed. This is done to avoid any effect like burning of the bone
  • The pilot hole is then enlarged using broad drills and it is done keeping in mind the bone and the cells. They shouldn’t be affected in the process
  • The implant is then replaced. It is done carefully to prevent exerting weight and pressure on the bone
  • The replaced tooth needs time to adapt to the new bone and tissue. Gingiva is used to increase the health of the tissue and the implant.

After the Procedure

  • The integration process occurs right after the implant is fixed in the jawbone
  • You will be able to smile and have no regrets over the lost teeth since the implants are designed depending on your jawbone, structure, and face
  • Dental implants act like the other normal teeth and so the patient is able to smile, talk, eat, and look his or her best
  • The patient may feel a heavy weight in the places where the implants were fixed but this goes away after some time
  • You will need to return to the dentist as specified

The dental implants act like the original and natural teeth. You will have to take care of them just like the normal teeth. Daily care like flossing, brushing, and periodical dental checkups have to be maintained. The best Dental Implants in Punjab can be earned from our best center. Approach the best dentist to know more about the type of dental implants you require



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