Small Male Organ? When to Worry (or Not)

Catching a quick glance at other men’s members in the locker room – something most guys do on occasion – enables a bro to see how he measures up. Since many men worry needlessly about their manhood size, convinced that they must be cursed with a small male organ, getting a reality check this way can be reassuring and helpful. And though a small male organ is not a male organ health concern, a guy could legitimately be concerned if he possesses a true micro male organ.


But just what is a micro male organ? Many guys who have what might be thought of as a small male organ – or at least one that is a little below average – fear that they have an actual micro male organ. But a real micro male organ is a rare thing.

The average size of the tumescent member is around 5.2” long. The vast majority of men fall within the range of 4” and 6”. There are a few outliers who measure more than 6” on side of the scale, and a few who measure smaller than 4” on the other end. But for a guy to be classified as having a micro male organ, his tumescent member would need to measure 2.8” or less – and only 0.5% of men are estimated to fall in this range.

It starts at birth

Although some men have fears that their manhood will shrink and become a micro male organ, that’s not really the way it goes. Doctors who have studied the issue state that usually a man is born with a micro male organ – he comes out of the womb with a member that is significantly smaller than typical. (An infant member typically is about 0.9 inches long.) This is usually a result of insufficient male hormone production during the fetal stage.

A micro male organ can be treated during infancy and childhood through male hormone therapy; however, there can be side effects to this approach, so a decision to utilize hormone supplementation would need to  be discussed by the parents with an experienced doctor.

Does it interfere with sensual activity?

Clearly, one worry of a man with what he believes to be a micro male organ is how it will affect his sensual life. Micro male organs function just as a typical manhood does, so barring other factors, it should get firm when stimulated and release male seed.

However, the shortness of the manhood may make it difficult for female partners to achieve release through female organ penetration. (Note, however, that some men with a micro male organ do satisfy their partners with no problems.) Couples in which a micro male organ is present may want to focus greater attention on oral or manual stimulation. Of course, this is also true for many couples in which the male appendage is of average or large size; often the man releases fairly quickly and so other forms of coupling are utilized to bring about a female release.

Of more concern is the psychological issues that can result from a micro male organ. Many men worry that the size of their member reflects poorly on their status as a male. This can bring about serious blows to their self-confidence and self-esteem. This may affect their performance in the bedroom, but it also may lead to a deeper depression which inhibits their enjoyment of many other phases of their life. Seeking qualified professional help is urged for men with depression or self-esteem issues.

A man with a micro male organ, or even just a somewhat small male organ, still needs to take steps to maintain a proper level of male organ health. One way to o this is to regularly use a first rate male organ health creme (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). In order to help keep the manhood skin looking handsome and healthy, find a crème with both a high end emollient (like shea butter) and a natural hydrator (such as vitamin E). The best crème will also contain L-arginine, which helps boost nitric oxide and therefore enables male organ blood vessels to expand as required.

Visit for additional information on most common male organ health issues, tips on improving manhood sensitivity and what to do to maintain a healthy member. John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men’s health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.




John Dugan is a professional writer who specializes in men's health issues and is an ongoing contributing writer to numerous websites.

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