Six Benefits of Dedicated Exchange Hosting

Emails are the backbone of communication in any business organization. Emails are sent and received via email servers and these servers can either be dedicated or shared. Dedicated email servers are dedicated to a single organization as the name suggests and a shared server hosts email systems of multiple organizations. In this article we will discuss about dedicated exchange hosting, the providers that these services and the benefits of implementing such a service in your organization.

What is Dedicated Exchange Hosting?

Hosted exchange is a kind of service offered to business organizations to host their email systems on cloud and seek complete management of the same. Dedicated exchange hosting is a type of hosted exchange that uses dedicated email servers for a particular organization. It is not possible for every organization to maintain its own email servers and manage its email system on its own. Hosted exchange solutions come in handy in situations like these, offering many advantages as listed below.

Benefits of Dedicated Exchange Hosting

1. Full Benefits of Exchange

With a hosted exchange that is dedicated, you get the full benefits of a Microsoft Exchange server including Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Public Folders etc. along with emails of course. All of these features can be linked to the exchange server and all of your employees can access these resources.

2. 24/7 Support

Another main advantage of dedicated exchange hosting is that you get 24/7 support concerning operations and maintenance. Be it adding or deleting users, creating folders or resetting passwords, you can always reach out to the service providers and expect 24/7 maintenance support.

3. Full Scalability

With dedicated exchange hosting, there is no limit on the number of users who can send/receive mails on the server. There is no limit on the mailbox storage, aliases, public folders or distribution groups. Based on the organization’s requirements, the service provider accommodates for space on the dedicated server.

4. Ancillary Benefits

Apart from hosting emails and other Microsoft Exchange features, dedicated exchange hosting providers also offer other benefits like spam filtering, advanced firewalls, wireless synchronization with mobile devices etc.

5. Deleted Item Recovery

We often delete mails from our inboxes and then regret doing so. Dedicated exchange hosting offers a solution to this as it allows you retrieve deleted mails from Outlook for a period of two weeks. The service also provides a SAN level backup and recovery for 30 days.

6. Maximum Security

Lastly, the service providers offer utmost security complying many security standards including HIPAA, GLB, Safe Harbor etc. A 24/7 camera surveillance will be implemented to look after the server and employee back-ground checks will be implemented too, to safeguard private data. offers a wide range of email protection and security services including secure email archiving, encryption, continuity, email shadowing, inbound and outbound filtering, POP email hosting, hosted exchange, etc.for enterprises, small business, government and educational institutions worldwide. To learn more, visit



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