Simple tips to Plan a Perfect Golf Course Wedding

Golf resorts are more than just a source of entertainment and luxury accommodation in Swan Valley Perth. In fact, golf resorts are quickly becoming popular wedding venues and golf-course themed weddings seem to go well with all classes of people.

So why is the golf resort an amazing destination choice for weddings?

To start with, organising a wedding in a golf club or golf resort is plain unique and unconventional. Renowned golf resorts in Perth can take care of multiple facets of the wedding like food and entertainment and serve as the perfect luxury accommodation in Swan Valley, Perth for the wedding guests.

If you plan to make use of a good golf course to organise a wedding, find below some useful tips.

1) Collect ample information about the wedding venue

To start with, collect optimum information about the wedding services provided by all potential venues. Enquire about the availability of indoor and outdoor spaces, menu options, floral decoration arrangements, available wedding packages and accommodation options in Swan Valley Perth (consider factors like number of guests to be accommodated, proximity of accommodation to the actual wedding venue and so on).

2) Have a budget in place

Once you have the details and the related numbers from different venues, it is the right time to draft the feasible budget for the wedding. Ask question to the venue owner whenever required and ensure that arrangements can be customised to match specific needs and preferences of the couple to be married. Allow a buffer amount to serve as a backup for any last minute changes.

3) Have a place to fall back

The weather in Perth can be highly unpredictable and if you are planning a wedding in the outdoor golf course, you definitely need a backup plan. Speak to the venue manager and find out what options would be open for the wedding to happen in the event of rain or a thunderstorm.

4) Have a suitable theme in place

A golf course wedding implies a formal setting and a theme to suit this type of setting can feel like icing on the cake. Obviously, casual themes (for instance, the beach party theme) would not go too well with the whole setup. After you have a chosen a theme, plan all the elements of the wedding like entertainment and food around the theme with the help of venue manager. Ask questions without hesitation and implement strategies with a clear thought.

Quite obviously a golf course wedding can turn into a grand success if the right golf resort is chosen. Apart from being a star Swan Valley Perth-based accommodation provider, the golf resort must include friendly staffs that help clients through every step of organising the party.

The author is an expert event planner with more than 10 years of experience. She is a detail-oriented professional with sound knowledge on planning & perfect execution of events. She focuses mainly on luxury accommodation in Swan Valley Perth in her articles. Read here to know more



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