Simple Hacks to Utilise Space in Hostel Room

Hostel room means a small sneaky room, less space, and lots of things to be organized. Hostel life means your parents are not there with you to scold you for not arranging your room and usually students get lazy and forget to keep their rooms organized. But with a bit of effort, you can set your room and keep it well settled. For this, you need to be smart enough to use each bit of place available to have a well-organized and attractive room.  Here are some ideas that may help you for the organization of your room.

Hanging always a cool way to save space

In those small hostel rooms, you cannot keep everything in your cupboards and drawers. You really need to have some hanging space to make use of those walls to keep your things. You can install few shower caddies and bags on your walls to keep your essential supplies such as tissues, diaries, notebooks, etc.

Plastic storage

Your walls can also be used to hang plastic storages that may contain all your daily need essentials. You can easily get these plastic rooms in a general store. These plastic bags have separate sections and divisions which can be used to store all your different kinds of supplies. You can store your snacks, acid-free tissue paper UK, stationeries, etc. to get all your things displayed at one place. This will also help you to figure out things that you are lacking and fill it immediately.

Shoe box charging station

You may have separate chargers for charging your different things such as mobile, notepad, I pod, etc. Every time you don’t have to become the hunting princess for your charger if you build a charger station in your room. You will also save the wires from entangling by building your charging station. For this, you need to take an old shoe box and cover it with some luxury wrapping paper UK. Now you can make holes on the sides of the box and keep an extension board inside the box. The extension boards can be connected with the different chargers, and the wires of each charger can protrude out from the small holes in the walls. Now your charger station is ready, and you will have a well organized charging place. Shoe boxes can also be used for other purposes such as arranging your makeup goods, stationeries, etc.; to keep them well organized at a single location.



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