Signs That Indicate You Need to Replace Your iPhone Battery


Does your iPhone battery drain at an exponential rate all of a sudden? Well, it may be due to ageing batteries or something is wrong with the battery. According to Apple, after 500 charge cycles, the battery capacity can drop up to 80% and the company has acknowledged that their lithium-ion batteries tend to lose their ability to maintain a full charge over time.

This equates to about 14 to 18 months of optimal battery usage, after which things can start to change. If you have been experiencing any problems with your iPhone battery, there are many potential causes of battery problems.

A battery doesn’t fail suddenly under normal circumstances, and it gives some warning signs that it is about to die. So, here are the most common signs that indicate you need to replace your iPhone battery

Slow Performance 

Poor performance is a tell-tale sign that your iPhone battery is giving up on you. Fortunately, there are some tools available on your iPhone to check the health of the battery. Through a recent IOS update, the iPhone users can now gain more insight into their phone’s battery. If you need a new battery, book an appointment with a mobile repair shop. Never try to replace the battery on your own which may lead to expensive iPhone repairs Sydney.

The device repeatedly shuts down 

One of the most annoying things while using the phone is it shuts down automatically in the middle of what you are doing. If it happens frequently, it is a visible sign that something is wrong with the battery or your battery has irreversible damage. You should take the phone to the repair shop to have it looked at. In such a case, you will likely have a couple of options; either to replace the battery or your Phone. This is why it is essential to address the iPhone repairs as early as possible. Either it is iPhone screen repairs Sydney or battery issues; let a professional technician fix it.

Your iPhone is overheating 

Overheating is one of the common issues among the iPhone users which indicates that the battery is about to die. We all know that phones can explode due to overheating. So, instead of shrugging the problem off, you should get the iPhone assessed by a repair technician.

Error Message 

If you notice the error message “Your iPhone may need to be serviced” on our phone, you should replace the battery right away. This error message mostly appears on iPhones operating on IOS 10.2.1 through IOS 11.2.6

These are the common signs that indicate your iPhone needs a new battery. Approach a repair technician for iPhone repairs in Sydney.

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