Several problems in DOFUS for a while now

And surreptitiously, the wind dispersed, permitting Dofus Kamas time to see a crucible into which sand has been poured. The tornado resumed and repelled me in a cloud of sediment. It appeared hopeless for me to come back to this storm’s eye. But other pictures came to me. Several. Dark figures. With bad omens. These shadows seemed as hills against the end as unshakable. These creatures seemed to be riding as they were mounts which were demonic. Glowing, baleful eyes exposed and thunderous phrases rang out.

As their homes burnt I heard the groaning of an whole people and yells. I saw a autonomous that was lifeless on a throne. A new voice pulled me from the dream. As though it were somewhere else… closer. It spoke these words”It rings through the ages. Like an echo across time. Its meaning has been revealed to you. It is only a matter of time. The end of another one. Envision a loop that reshape and can correct itself with each turn. Deja vu, but not the exact same. The sand keeps pouring. The last grain will bring the truth…”

At the moment, I was able to draw myself from the lure of Smoussy Turancyd’s fantasy, persuaded the voice came from his bedroom. Before checking behind me I looked one way, and the other. On a shelf above a doll stood with a rudimentary wooden mask. The strangest thing was that despite its expressionless face, for a minute, I thought that… it had been grinning.

In the update, we informed you that we are slowly continuing to work on course improvements. So you can get ready for the upcoming improvements, we are giving you a full description of the changes, which you can check from the BETA.What you’re going to read below is what we mean to do before your BETA goes ; any worth mentioned may be modified before the upgrade!

Particular classes were already changed marginally last time (Iop, for example), but this time, we took the time to evolve them along with the modifications made are more considerable. We had yet another look at classes that had already been altered last time, such as Xelor, since we deemed a couple of adjustments to be required. For example Cra, for the others measures are being taken right now till we’re ready to spend more time.

It’s probably not news for you if we state the Cra course has been causing several problems in DOFUS for a while now. The course has been very powerful in regards to MP decrease, PvM, especially thanks to pushback, very large area-of-effect and harm, and most of all selection. But, Cras really don’t do good Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro in PvP, particularly 3v3. Like other classes we have been going through the last few months, its problems are linked to the concept of the course, and just altering its values won’t necessarily make it possible to rebalance it and clean it up, and we’re well aware of the.



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