Seven Steps to Build Credit Score Efficiently and Legitimately

Nothing is more frustrating than living with a poor credit score which indicates you are quite a risky borrower than anyone having a higher credit score with long credit history in the modern credit market. As a result, if not denied for a loan, you’ll have to pay not only higher interest rate but also face rigid repayment scheme on mortgage loans or pay increased premium to insurance companies. There’re millions in the US like you who are literally frantic to find an accommodating way out to build credit score under different critical circumstances.

Unsurprisingly, opposed to the intensifying way of rebuilding your poor credit history, adding you as an authorized user ( AU) on somebody else’s credit card with consistent credit history, remarkable high score and lender-persuasive credit utilization ratio is possibly the simplest way to build credit fast within as minimum as 45-60 days. Even though, it must not be taken granted as a long-term option to set up your individual credit history, however, it has been undoubtedly an effective way to push your poor credit or bad credit history with a solid boost enabling you get going with your head up in the society.

How to Be an Authorized User

Perhaps, you’re well familiar with the traditional practices of piggybacking which has been extensively found in the family unit for more than years. It is, basically the same way where you’re supposed to pay a certain amount just to piggyback on the shoulders of an individual with high creditworthiness. Once you are added to the credit holders’ account as an AU, you become the owner of that card’s history and credit score as displaying on your credit report and can successfully build credit history without much hassle. Further as and when the primary holder pays back bills on scheduled time, it makes you benefited with increased credit score concurrently as the card holder’s credit score increases. Instead of directly working with an unknown person, you’re recommended to get through a professional tradeline company enabling you to build credit responsibly and legitimately. The biggest plus point of being an AU is that it doesn’t make you legally bound to pay for the debt of card while enjoying benefits of FICO standard credit score.

7 Steps to Build Credit

1. Never hurry! Take your time and study the corporate websites of credit repairing tradeline companies dedicated to piggyback you and help you build credit by adding you to their dependable tradelines (credit cards);

2. Go through the types of credit cards they deal in as their valued cardholders from Bank of America, Citibank, American Express, Capital One, Chase who are globally acclaimed;

3. Consider having a consultancy online whereas an official will know your requirements and precise background before exploring the most ideal tradeline for which you can invest to meet your personalized needs. During this course they will let you know the complete of the terms and conditions with charges etc.

4. Subsequently, you need to submit all required information in addition to documents required by the agency to evaluate your profile and advance the process.

5. Get the agreement paper, fill the same, sign, and transmit the charges for adding you as an authorized user to that particular card you have chosen.

6. Get a confirmation message that you’re being added.

7. In the next 60 days (typically, the processing time taken by banks to inform about your addition to credit bureaus) you get a boost up score to get started.


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