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Sequins Paillettes are the most beautiful pieces and the easiest method of embellishment. They come in different sizes and amazing finishes which will surely make your designs even more alluring. Sequins can add glitter and shine in the most elegant way. Their different shapes and styles are what make them stand out. So, in this blog let’s discuss various types of sequins available:

1) Flat Round Sequins: These decorative sequins are flat and are round in shape. They can be double hole or single hole. They are the most popular and used in embellishing lifestyle and clothing items. You can see their large use in diy craft projects. Silver and gold sequins are the mostly used sequins for embroidery.

There is one more category in this i.e. Reversible Sequins, those are top hole sequins and have different colors on both the sides. When stitched these can be easily flipped, you can easily get a two tone dress or pillow covers when you using these sequins.


2) Cupped Sequins: There are various types of cupped sequins like bowl and French cut. They are beautiful and can be used for adorning dresses and in craft projects. They are generally paired with seed beads as they enhance the overall look when paired together. They usually provide a three-dimensional look to the design, hence are more preferred where dimension is required.


3) Flower Shaped Sequins: These are the most elegant sew on sequins you can find. They are widely used in making jewelry, embroidery and diy craft. You are going to love the different types available in this category. There are some with flat, some with dimension, so you can choose as per your design’s requirement. You can them all at wholesale prices only on your own embroidery material shop.


4) Leaf Sequins: You can find some gorgeous shapes in this category. They can be used a charm while making jewelry items. Dangling earrings and bracelets can easily be made with them with the help of some jump rings and other jewelry findings. I am sure you are going to find this section very much interesting. They are perfect sequins for craft.


Not only this, they can also give your embroidery design a much needed definition. I would suggest you to check them out once, you will be amazed with the variety and the wide collection.

With this, you can also find metal sequins in various shapes and colors.

There are various other shapes like rectangle, square, boat, heart and more. You can also find folded sequins in mesmerizing colors. So, this was all about various types of sequins online available on our sequins store. You can explore more shapes and colors by checking the wide collection. I am sure you will find the exact sequins you are looking for.



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