Selling Your House? Low Commission Agent Is a Right Choice

Nowadays, it has become really difficult to find a perfect house. It has even become more difficult to find an agent within affordable budget. The amount of money they charge as commission is the reason behind avoiding the real estate agents today.

Once a friend of mine said, “I want to sell my house fast” to which I replied, “it’s a house not a teddy bear who’d be purchased by a kid with a happy face.” He still repeatedly asked me for any loop and then I suggested him to hire a low commission real estate agents. As I recently went through an article describing about them.

According to that, whenever commission is being split, 6% of that commission is being divided in half between the buyer and the seller. If you work with a low commission agent, half of this 6% is most likely still going to go to an opposing full commission agent. Suppose, if you want to buy a house, the agent will refer you an offer of refund. This is because they’ll still receive 3% commission at the end of any transaction. In case, If your agent offers to help you buy your house for 1% commission, your agent will refund you the 2% in cash from the commission split they received. Isn’t it amazing?

Doesn’t matter if the deal goes in favour or against you, you’ll still receive your amount from their share as well. Plus, they’ll do all the hard work like paperwork, fees, showing the house to the buyers etc. The only thing you would need to do is to ask these agents to take your burden from shoulders and sell your house as soon as possible. In fact, you don’t need to as they’re quite professional and experienced.

Make offers with the agent along with the buyer and get your house sold, FAST!

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