SCM Ultrafine Mill Design Ideas

The sustainable development of the economy of coal industry upgrading prospects, SCM Ultrafine Mill by virtue of technology and product advantages and take on the main market of new darling, will greatly promote the upgrading and optimization of the coal industry, ushered in the new green mining event.

SCM ultrafine mill equipment by the overall shape. So the whole seal is strong, can not generate any dust in the production process of splashing phenomenon. In addition, the fan outlet installed pulse dust cleaning device, dust collection efficiency can be as high as 99.99%. Therefore, it is very environmentally friendly production equipment, it can achieve no dust processing operations.

The structure of the SCM ultrafine mill uses a new seal design. Roller device can be achieved every 1000 hours after the operation automatically add lubricating oil, so you can fully ensure the safe and reliable operation of the device. In addition, the milling set assembly makes the operation and maintenance and replacement work more convenient, and to achieve the replacement of the grinding wheel is more convenient, do not need to remove the roller can be lubricated and simple maintenance cleaning and other operations.

SCM Ultrafine Mill Operation Principle
SCM ultrafine mill cavity, the centrifugal force generated by the roller mill bottom bracket group drag rotary driven rollers and ring constantly accepted in the grinding ring side above the feed inlet and arranged on the lower scraper conveying material and grinding ring in uniform, under the continuous mass drum into a large amount of air, will be grinding the blow to the working chamber above the material classifier, qualified fine powder to the next step, after the classification of larger particles along the cylinder wall falling again grinding cycle.



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