RuneFest 2018 Details Revealed with Tickets Available&7% off osrs gold Until May.23

The greatest RuneScape & Old School gathering RuneFest 2018 is coming soon and from May 22 its tickets will be available. Besides there is a brand new RuneScape Live added this year. What else do you need to learn? Let’s see and there is always runescape gold 2007 for sale on RSorder.

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What can you enjoy during RuneFest 2018?

From 6pm to 11:30pm on October 5, Jagex will bring you a spectacular new orchestral stage show, leading you through a live musical adventure across Gielinor. And the show will lead by the world famous Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra. Meanwhile the bars and LAN room will be open for you to meet up with all your friends ahead of the stage show.

On October 6, from 10am until midnight you will be able to enjoy the RunFest with double the awesome, including main stage showcases, big hitting entertainment, new activities, panel sessions as well as the meeting with JMods & Content Creators.

When can how much can you get the RuneFest 2018 tickets?
From 4pm BST on May 22, all of you can go to buy RuneFest tickets with the following pricing:
Limited Early bird offer: £135
Standard ticket: £150
What is more, this year you can get everything with one ticket, RuneFest Live and RuneFest itself included. The Theatre of Blood and ‘A Taste of Hope’ have a very large number of music tracks, amongst the largest number written for a single piece of stand-alone content in Old School RuneScape!

What are the features of the new venue for RuneFest this year?

As we all know, RuneFest 2018 will be held at the the Farnborough International Exhibition and Convention Centre, located at the Show Centre, ETPS Road, Farnborough, GU14 6FD, UK. And the reasons why Jagex choose this place are because of more space, more affordable accommodation and better travel options.

There are a lot of cool bosses and environments that makes our job much easier and rewarding. Vampire themed content in particular is always cool to work on because you can get very creative and use some darker, more moody chords and melodies. My personal favourite song so far is the atmospheric piece for the Maiden but I am looking forward to doing the music for Lady Verzik.”Can’t wait for its coming? Let’s buy the tickets as soon as they are available. Besides, don’t forget RuneScape 2007 gold for sale on our site.
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